Lethbridge AC Mtg Minutes – Oct 23 2013

In attendance: Greg Krokosh (30027), President; David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Sherry Hunt (30048); Ray Wilson(30048); Stephanie Erb (30048); Christine Krokosh (30027); Krysty Munns (30048); Shannan Little (30048); Maria Fitzpatrick (70041)

Minutes of the Meeting of the Lethbridge and District Area Council October 23, 2013

In attendance:

Greg Krokosh (30027), President; David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Sherry Hunt (30048); Ray Wilson(30048);  Stephanie Erb (30048); Christine Krokosh (30027); Krysty Munns (30048); Shannan Little (30048); Maria Fitzpatrick (70041)

Called to order: 1810 hours


1) Agenda was adopted by consensus.

2) Minutes of the May 1, 2013 meeting.

  • Adopted by consensus with corrections

3) Area Council Treasurer Report.

  • As of  October 23, 2013, the bank balance: $883.74
  • Adopted

4) 2014 Budget

  • 2014 budget was presented and discussed
  • 2014 budget will be presented at next meeting with the committee plan for the year.

5) Election of Officers

a. President: 

  • Brother Greg Krokosh was nominated by Sister Hunt, seconded by Sister Erb.
  • Brother Greg Krokosh was acclaimed.

b. Vice‐President:

  • Sister Sherry Hunt was nominated by Brother Krokosh, seconded by Sister Little
  • Sister Sherry Hunt was acclaimed.

c. Secretary‐Treasurer:

  • Brother David Pearson was nominated by Sister Fitzpatrick, seconded by Brother Wilson
  • Brother David Pearson was acclaimed.

6) Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF)

  • Sister Little spoke about this festival, as she is the organizer of the festival
  • The Area Council, with Sister Little as one of the organizers, was planning with Lethbridge and District Labour Council to show We are All Wisconsin in the fall, however, the Labour Council decided that the CLiFF would bring more people out.
  • There is no cost for the Area Council, but our support (labour) would be greatly appreciated
  • The Festival is for one night: November 14, 2013at 7pmin the CASA’s Community Room.

7) The We are All Wisconsin

  • It was agree that we will do this in the future and Brother David agree to help organize it.

8) Alberta NDP Convention

  • Sister Hunt spoke about the upcoming convention in Lethbridge from November 1st to the 3rd.
  • Sister Hunt mention that there is a meet and greet on November 2 from 9pm to1am at the Lethbridge Lodge and there is a charge of $10 for non-delegates and everyone is welcome.
  • Sister Benson is one of the guest speakers and Sister Hunt will be introducing her.

9) Conservative Policy Convention

  • Will be in Calgary from October 31 to November 3, 2013
  • There are series of functions will be held alongside the policy convention where speakers will discuss the Conservative agenda and the effects on Canada and its people.
  • The Calgary Area Council will be organizing a demonstration on November 2, 2013 (Crash the Party) under We are All Affected theme and changes to public service collective bargaining process and the Labour Code.

10)  Public Interest Alberta

  • There speaking tour by Public Interest Alberta, Friends of Medicare and Parkland Institute to raise awareness about issues in seniors care – “Seniors Care Who Cares?”
  • Sister Hunt informed the Council that the speaking tour will in Lethbridge at 7pmon November 4, 2013at South Minster United Church.
  • Occurring to Sister Hunt mention that childcare is part of PIA mandate but PIA is focus on seniors’ issues first, if we cannot take care of the seniors how do we take care of the children.

11)  PSAC Update – Brother Hari

a. Education

  • Brother Hari spoke of upcoming education opportunities for Southern Alberta
  • UDP has changed format this year

b. Young Workers

  • In Lethbridge on October 26 at 1pm, there will a Young Workers meeting with the PRC Young Worker Rep.
  • The meeting is at the District Labour Council Office (105A 3305 18th Ave North).

c. One on Ones

  • This must continue until we have met with all members.

12) Roundtable

a. Brother Wilson mention that there is interest in oil drilling within the City boundaries and over the next few weeks and months there will public discussion and protest. Keep an eye open for this.

b. Sister Little mention than on December 3, 2013there will be Holiday Giving Project and everyone is welcome to come out and knit

  • It is a ’knitting bee’ were knitters gather and knit items (i.e. scarfs, mutts) for the Interfaith Food Bank clients.

c. Sister Fitzpatrick suggests that we sponsor an agricultural learning bed at Lethbridge Interfaith Food Bank Learning garden.

  • Sister Fitzpatrick made a motion and seconded by Sister Hunt that we sponsor a learning bed for $300 if the Prairie Region does not sponsor a bed.  Motion carried

13) Meeting was adjourned at 1940

14) Next meeting TBA