Lethbridge AC Mtg Minutes (Oct 21 2009)

Executive: present; Quorum: achieved, in accordance to Area Council Bylaws; Called to order: 1815 hours

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Lethbridge and District Area Council

October 21, 2009

Executive:   present

Quorum:  achieved, in accordance to Area Council Bylaws

Called to order: 1815 hours


1) Minutes of the July 22, 2009 was adopted as read

2) Minutes of the Executive meeting of the October 6, 2009 was read

3) Area Council Treasurer reported as adopted

As of October 21, the bank balance: $3,314.48

Budget for 2010 was adopted

Financial statement was adopted

4) Communications

David Pearson will request from Robyn’s office the contact information of the

locals in Lethbridge area.

Each of the executive will phone a local president to inform them of the Area

Council and what we expect of them and what they can expect of use.

Raj Hari spoke on PSAC campaign Defending Quality Public Service with the

theme:Private business works for profit and private workers work for private

business and not for the public. He also spoke on the need for the union to push

for public interest in public services and inform the members on public services.

Raj also mention that the United Way campaign is Union driven and that we

should advertised it as such.

David spoke on the happening in the PRC meeting. He mentioned that we have

part time communication officer. Brother Gordon attended the PRC meeting

and spoke on the affairs of the union and that each Area Council should update

their by‐laws to reflect the requirements from PSAC national office.

5) Elections

The following positions were acclamation:

President: Greg Krokosh

Vice President: Lorna Selinger

Secretary/Treasurer: David Pearson

6) Food Bank Garden

Lorna reported that the garden is proceeding along and in the spring of 2010 the

garden will be ready for planting.

7) Tools for Schools

Greg will talk to local school board of this initiative.

We will inform the locals on this initiative once we have more information on the


8) Lethbridge and District Labour Council

$50.00 will be paid to the Council as our Association dues

Meeting adjourned at 1935 hours

Appendix A

Lethbridge Area Council Financial Statement

Year To October 21, 2009

Opening Balance January 1, 2009 $1,904.27


PSAC Area Council

Assistance 1 $1,460.00


Earned 2 $0.49

Total Income $1,460.49


Meeting Room

Expense 3 $0.00


Expenses 4 $50.00


Expenses $50.00

Income less Expenses $1,410.49

Correction from last statement 5 $0.00


Closing Balance October 21,2009 $3,314.76

Lethbridge Area Council Financial Statement Notes

Year to October 22, 2009

1 PSAC Area Council Assistance:

$460.00 (PSAC Assistance)

$1,000.00 (PSAC Area Council 2009 Assistance)

$1,460.00 Total Assistance

2 Interest Earned:

$0.08 31‐Jan‐09

$0.07 27‐Feb‐09

$0.08 31‐Mar‐09

$0.08 30‐Apr‐09

$0.08 29‐May‐09

$0.02 30‐Jun‐09

$0.02 31‐Jul‐09

$0.03 29‐Aug‐09 Est. interest earned

$0.03 30‐Sep‐09 Est. interest earned

$0.00 31‐Oct‐09

$0.00 28‐Nov‐09

$0.00 31‐Dec‐09

$0.49 Total interest Earned

3 Meeting Room Expense:


$0.00 Total Meeting Room Expense

4 Other Expenses:

$50.00 Cheque no. 110 Lethbridge and District Labour Council Fees

$50.00 Total Other Expenses

5 Correction from last statement




Appendix B

Propose Budget For Lethbridge Area Council

For The Year 2010


PSAC Area Council Assistance $2,200.00

Component Area Council Assistance $300.00



Political Action $1,800.00

Meetings $200.00

2011 PRC Convention Allotment $500.00


Income over Expenses $0.00