Lethbridge AC Mtg Minutes (July 14 2010)

Minutes from the July 14, 2010 Lethbridge Area Council meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting of the

Lethbridgeand District Area Council

July 14, 2010


Executive:    present

 Quorum: achieved, in accordance to Area Council Bylaws

Called to order: 1734 hours


 Minutes of the Feb 15, 2010was adopted as read


  1. Area Council Treasure reported  was adopted
  2. As of July 14, 2010bank balance of $2,725.39.



  1. Tools for Schools – Update
  2. Sister Lorna suggested we should focus on tools for schools through the Interfaith Food Bank as they program for school supplies for their clients who would required help in obtaining school supplies for their kids.  They supply all grades.
  3. Sister Lorna will speak to the Food Bank to gain more information.  


  1. Lethbridgeand District Labour Council
  2. Brother Greg, spoke about the upcoming Lethbridgeand District Labour Council community outreach program.  On Labour Day, in the GaltMuseum, GWG: Piece by Piece by Maria Dunn will be present Piece by Piece is a musical multimedia piece that features original songs by Maria Dunn and performed by Maria Dunn, and guests. The songs are interwoven with audiovisual materials depicting the experiences of immigrant women who worked in Edmonton‘s GWG clothing factory over its 93 year history.  For more information visit: http://www.royalalbertamuseum.ca/virtualExhibit/GWG/en/index.html.]
  3. Brother Greg, mention that tickets are available and the advertising will be done by the Labour Council.


  1. Womanspace Lethbridge Fund Raising
  2. Sister Lorna, spoke about Womanspace Lethbridge (www.womanspace.ca) upcoming fund raising event.  There’s need for increase fund raising since they lost federal funding for the first time in it’s history , as a result,  they have to lay off their staff and convert some to part-time and move to a smaller office space without reducing their programs.


  1. The Council approve to purchase 20 tickets for $140 and donate them back to Womanspace Lethbridge, so they can disturb them amongst their clients.    By doing so, our logo (PSAC) will be displayed as a sponsor.


  1. Strike at Casino Regina
  2. It was agree that we would donate $100.00 Local to their strike fund and sent letter of encouragement.


  1. By-law changes:
  2. By September 1, 2010any by-law changes should be submitted to the Brother Greg
  3. By September 1, 2010a propose by-law will be drafted base on the PSAC template for Area Councils will be completed and submitted to the executive for review.
  4. The executive will review the propose by-law changes as in 7a and review the draft by-law as in 7b and submitted a by-law for review by the members of the Area Council before the next meeting.


  1. CRABargaining
  2. Brother Greg spoke on CRABargaining and it appears to be mostly about housekeeping issues.


  1. Next meeting at 5:30 pmon October 13, 2010at the Labour Hall.

 Meeting adjourned at 1830 hours