Lethbridge AC Mtg Minutes – Dec 12 2013

In attendance: Greg Krokosh (30027), President; Ray Wilson (30048); Christine Krokosh (30027); Krysty Munns (30048)

Minutes of the Meeting of the Lethbridge and District Area Council December 12, 2013
In attendance:
Greg Krokosh (30027), President; Ray Wilson (30048); Christine Krokosh (30027); Krysty Munns (30048)
Called to order: 17:30 hours
1) Agenda was adopted by consensus.
2) Minutes of the May 1, 2013 meeting.
  • Adopted by consensus with no corrections
3) Area Council Treasurer Report.
  • As of  December 12, 2013, the bank balance: $765.18
  • Adopted
4) 2014 Budget  
  • an amended 2014 budget was presented and discussed
  • it was recommended that the “Notes” section be completed to detail what the funds are meant to accomplish under each project both for the group specified and for our PSAC members.
  • The 2014 budget will be held over to the next Area Council meeting.
5) Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLIFF)
  • The event in co-operation with the Lethbridge & District Labour Council was educational and emotionally-moving. It was a great disappointment that despite coverage in the Lethbridge Herald that there were only 25 people in attendance.
  • There was discussion of how participation in the event could be enhanced. The Lethbridge & District Labour Council could send notice to affiliates and send it sooner. Poster could be put up on the City boards. Word of mouth from member to member. Depending on the films next year there may also be natural tie-ins with other groups. 
6) Alberta NDP Lethbridge West NDP AGM
  • Also being held tonight. Good luck to the Sisters running for office.
7) Conservative Policy Convention
  • Despite the freezing rain and snowstorm that prevented our participation, there was an excellent turnout by PSAC members, other Unions and the general  public.  At least they know we are still here and we have voice.
8) Lobbying
  • Discussed recent meeting held with MP and the need to increase contact to inform MP of our issues, although the results have yet to be seen.       
9) PSAC Update: due to the short notice of the meeting it was suggested Raj attend the next meeting but he wanted to ensure that members were aware of:
  • C-4 legal action taken by a cross-section of Unions
  • CFIA contract issues
  • Veteran affairs issues especially after suicide of local reservist
  • Canada Post announcement no more door-to-door
10) Roundtable
  • Discussion were held in camera regarding what the members need of us, what we need from the Regional Office and what we need from the National Office. If we don’t get the members support now it may well be too late. We all have to work together.   
11) Meeting was adjourned at 18:17
12) Next meeting TBA