Krysty Munns Report July 2017

I was elected Lethbridge Area Council President in November 2016. Since being sworn in at the 7th Prairie Region Triennial Convention the Lethbridge Area Council has been very busy.

We held a General Meeting May 3rd to plan our summer activities including supporting Lethbridge Pride, National Aboriginal Day, Whoop up Days Parade, Lethbridge and District Labour Council Labour Day Picnic.

In 2015 and 2016, the Lethbridge and District Area has supported a dragon boat team to be a part of the Rotary’s Dragon boat festival in Lethbridge. This year we did three email call outs asking for paddlers from all PSAC components in Southern Alberta. However we were unable to generate enough interest fill a full boat. We have taken a break from this festival this year and will attempt to field a team next year as the festival is a great way for PSAC to have a community presence and allow members from across different components to get together in a team environment.

The Lethbridge and District Area Council was involved in two boycotts of National Public Service Week. The first was at an employer’s Pancake Breakfast at the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre in which we stood outside the event with the “Burnt by Phoenix” banner handing out fake paycheques that were written out to the “hardworking public servants” for two pancakes, signed by Treasury Board. Local Management thought that these were clever and were going to pass them on to upper management. Our members also thought that they were a smart idea and gladly took

“Burnt by Phoenix” and #FixPhoenix stickers to wear proudly. Most of our members did not part-take in the employer’s pancake breakfast and signed the postcards to Scott Brison. The second event was also during the employer’s free hamburger lunch. Here we handed out ice cream sandwiches and started a conversation about why we are boycotting National Public Service Week explaining that that the Treasury Board contracts were still NOT signed and that the pay system was still in shambles. Finally, during National Public Service Week I reached out to my MP, Rachel Harder over the phone to request a meeting. I was advised that I needed to email my request to her; I have only received an auto email reply suggesting she will get back to me shortly.

Lethbridge Pride is a weeklong event that runs from June 19 – 25th, ending with the Pride Parade. This year the Lethbridge and District Area Council financially contributed to two crosswalks including the pride flag (rainbow coloured) and the world’s first transgendered flag (pink, white and blue) that are showcased in downtown Lethbridge. I also attended several Pride events throughout the week.

June 21st was National Aboriginal Day, the Lethbridge and District Area Council help to support the events that were taking place in Lethbridge Galt Gardens. I was lucky enough to be able to part-take in a teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada called the Blanket Exercise. The LDAC also supported a Pow Wow at the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre which was organized by First Nations Co-op Students who are working at the centre. There were young drummers from the local elementary school who were learning to drum as part of their culture as well as young women who were learning the jingle dance and the fancy dance. This event was well attended by students, members of the community, management and members from AGR 30048.

This term I also attended two Lethbridge and District Labour Council Meeting and gave short verbal reports of PSAC latest activities including Phoenix, bargaining, and convention updates, as well as our plan to boycott National Public Service Week.

Should you have any questions about my report, please contact me directly at or phone 403-393-2688.



May 3rd Chaired the Lethbridge Area Council Meeting

May 5th First call out for Dragon boat Festival

May 10th Attended the Lethbridge and District Labour Council Meeting

May 29th Attended my local’s (AGR 30048) General Meeting

June 12th Boycotting National Public Service Week – Pancake Plant-gate

June 13th Attended the community event “Pride denied: homonationalism & the future of queer politic” at the CASA Lethbridge.

June 14th Attended the Lethbridge and District Labour Council Meeting

June 14th Boycott National Public Service Week – Burned by Phoenix Ice Cream Sandwich Plant-gate.

June 18th Attended the Trans March in Lethbridge as part of Pride Week

June 19th Attended the Lethbridge Pride Flag raising ceremony at City Hall (Lethbridge).

June 21st Attended National Aboriginal Day festivities in Galt Gardens (Lethbridge)

June 21st Attended a Pow Wow at the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, organized by First Nation students working at the station.


In Solidarity –


Krysty Munns

PSAC Lethbridge and District Area Council President