Krysty Munns Report February 2018

Since my last report from the Lethbridge and District Area Council (LDAC), I attended the first Face-to-Face Meeting of the Prairie Region Council in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in July.

In August, the LDAC participated in the Whoop-Up Days Parade in conjunction with the Lethbridge and District Labour Council.  On August 29th the LDAC held a general meeting to discuss and debate potential resolutions for submission to PSAC National Convention to be held in Toronto. The meeting was well attended and we were able to put forth five resolutions from our committee. These were submitted on August 31st. 

In September the LDAC contributed to the Lethbridge Labour Day Family Picnic with financially supporting a generator for bouncy castles and some helium for PSAC balloons. Members from the committee donated their time to supervise children at the bouncy castle throughout the day. A tent was set up where we spoke about the public service, Phoenix issues and handed out PSAC swag. The LDAC also supported members in Medicine Hat by contributing some funds to cover the cost of bouncy castles at their Labour Day Picnic. This was the first time PSAC was involved in the Medicine Hat Labour Day Picnic. Sr. Danielle Poissant (Union of National Defence Employees Local 30907) organized this event in conjunction with the Medicine Hat Labour Council.

During this term the LDAC held an Annual General Meeting on Oct 17th.  A new executive was elected whereby I was re-elected president, Br. David Person (AGR) was re-elected Secretary/Treasurer and Sr. Kristy Slattery (CIU) was elected Vice-President. At this meeting I was elected as the LDAC delegate to the National PSAC Convention.

Members of our committee attended the Lethbridge and District and Labour Council General meetings in September, October and November and gave short verbal reports of PSAC latest activities including Phoenix, bargaining, and convention updates. Several members of the LDAC also attended a strategy meeting to help shape the next year of the Lethbridge and District Council.  In September the Lethbridge and District Labour Council held an endorsement meeting for Lethbridge Municipal Election. In partnership with the CLC, endorsement cards were printed. I made sure all PSAC members received a copy of this card letting them know which candidates had a labour friendly platform.

On November 28th, I was called upon to give a media interview for Bridge City News (Lethbridge) regarding Bill 30: Alberta’s new safety legislation including the right to refuse unsafe work, the right to know about unsafe work and the right to participate in Occupational Health and Safety Committees.

In November, members of the LDAC attended the Canadian Labour International Film Festival that was held at the Lethbridge Public Library. Two members of the LDAC were also in Ottawa for leadership training.

On December 8th, I lobbied Conservative MP Rachel Harder to discuss the ongoing Phoenix issues.  I asked Ms. Harder to speak about Phoenix in the house and demand that the liberals hire more compensation representative region wide to help alleviate some the issues our member are facing. I advised if she doesn’t speak to this issue in the house on our behalf we will have “Burnt by Phoenix Pizza Lunch” demonstrations outside her office on Feb 21st. Ms. Harder committed to requesting approval to speak in the on house on behalf of her constituents about Fixing Phoenix. She asked me to keep her in the loop regarding our day of action and could potentially speak at our rally. 

This term I was also sworn into the Alberta Federation of Labour Executive Committee and Alberta Federation of Labour Council. I have attended two meetings for these committees, the first being in Calgary and the second being in Edmonton. At these meetings I present updates about PSAC, including our struggles and where we need labour allies within the province. I also become aware provincial and national labour campaigns.

Finally in January, the PSAC Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee hosted the first every Lethbridge Living Library. This event was in recognition of the second anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington and Canada. The Lethbridge Living Library included various organizations (including PSAC) and speakers from within our community who serve the principles of human rights, social justice, equality, and compassion. I gave five media interviews leading up this event on CTV, Global, Bridge City News, and 95.5 Country FM.

Should you have any questions about my report, please contact me directly at or phone 403:393:2688.




July 5-9:                     1st Face-to-Face Meeting of the PRC in Saskatoon, SK.

August 8:                   PRC Finance Committee Conference call

August 29:                 Lethbridge and District Area Council regular meeting

September 4:            Labour Day Family Picnic – Lethbridge

September 4:            Labour Day Family Picnic – Medicine Hat

September 14:         PRC Conference Call

September 22:         Lethbridge District Labour Council Municipal Candidate Endorsement meeting

October 4:                 Members of the committee attended the Sisters in Spirit Vigil – Lethbridge

October 16:              Attended my local’s (AGR 30048) regular meeting

October 17:               Lethbridge Area Council Annual General Meeting

October 17:              Attended the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

October 18-19:         Alberta Federation of Labour Executive and Council Meetings – Calgary

October 28-29:         Participated in the course Duty to Accommodate in Calgary, Alberta.

November 8:             Lethbridge and District Council Monthly Meeting and Strategy Planning Meeting with CLC representative C. Longo.

November 23:          Attended my local’s (AGR 30048) AGM General Meeting – re-elected secretary

November 24 -26:   Attended the PSAC Women’s Retreat in Calgary

Nov 29 – Dec 3:       PSAC Leadership Training – Ottawa

Dec 5 – 6:                   Alberta Federation of Labour Executive and Council Meetings – Edmonton.

December 7:             Participate in the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Holiday Giving Project

December 8:             Lobbied Conservation MP Rachel Harder, constituency office



January 15:               Lethbridge and District Area Council regular meeting

January 17:               Area Council Conference Call – National Conference Call

January20:                Members of the LDAC attended the Lethbridge Women’s March On Event and Lethbridge Living Library

January 25:               Attended the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting


In Solidarity,


Krysty Munns

PSAC Lethbridge and District Area Council President