Kristy Slattery Reports

July 2017

As this is my first report it is brief as I have had limited responses from local’s in my area.

CIU Local 30036 AGM was held where I was able to tell the group I had been elected to the PRC.

June 20, 2017 Port of Coutts had a “cake” for the anniversary of our group being without a contract since June of 2014.

UNDE Local 30910 CFB Suffield reports that for National Public Service week they had been asked to boycott a BBQ they collectively decided this would not work for their local as they have decent management and they don’t have anything to do with the politics out in Ottawa.

They felt if management reported that ALL 400 members boycotted, Ottawa would even blink an eye at that. Instead, at the BBQ, they did a letter-to-the-MP/PM writing campaign. Their Base Commander even sanctioned it and encouraged people to sign the letters (they had form letters prepared for people to sign).

In all, they had 57 letters to their MP (a Conservative – Glen Motz) and 58 letters to Mr. Trudeau. The Local felt the letters will have more of an impact than BBQ boycotting.

February 2018

In the past few months I have been shifting my focus. Focusing on my new work location of Coutts and the fact I am the only steward and Union advocate and focusing on working with Sister Krysty Munns/Thomas on Lethbridge Area Council and Women’s Committees.

Since my last report I was acclaimed CIU Local 30036 Alberta Young Worker’s Rep and Lethbridge Area Council Vice President and Alternate to PSAC National Convention.

The following is a list of Courses and Event’s I attended:

  • July 7-8 attended PRC meeting. Selected to the Health and Safety Committee
  • Health and Safety call out phone meeting Aug
  • PRC Call
  • CLC Meeting Lethbridge
  • September 28- Oct 1 CIU National Convention Ottawa
  • TUB course Sept 22-23
  • Oct 17 Lethbridge Area Council Voted VP and 1st Alt to PSAC National
  • Oct 17 Regional Women’s Committee
  • CIU Alberta re-elected me Young Workers Rep and Steward
  • Nov 25 and 26 “A Women’s Place is in her Unions” Retreat
  • Nov 30 Dec 3 PSAC National Leadership Training
  • Dec 7 Lethbridge RWC social and meeting (Chair of meeting)
  • Jan 20 CIU Alberta Meeting
  • Jan 25 RWC meeting and round table

As mentioned my focus has been trying to re-establish a positive image of PSAC and the Union within my workplace. Focusing on mobilization and engaging our new workers. I have a few who have signed up for upcoming training. 

The RWC has been working on International Women’s Day events. We are also looking to engage other women’s groups of all ages within the community,

This concludes my report. 

November 2018

Firstly, I send my regrets that I couldn’t attend the face to face meeting.

As the Southern Alberta Geographical Rep I work a lot with our Lethbridge Area Council and PRC rep Krysty Munns. Her support in my activism growth is wonderful.

As I stated in my February notes I was shifting my focus to reflect that of my work location. I have been able to show the team at Coutts that the union is a good thing, and even have a few members signing up for training, As I am currently the only Steward onsite this is a huge deal. I have been able to help get staff concerns heard and management made some changes to reflect those concerns. I will continue to try to get members to join the area council and RWC, however this is proving tough as of right now.

With summer and working at the border I wasn’t able to attend multiple events due to shifts or the prohibitive LWOP cost to my members. I am hoping to get on some fall training though that won’t be such a financial strain on our members.

I was voted RWC chair and re-elected area council VP. Here is some of the courses I was able to attend:

  • PRC Meeting and Strategy Session
    • Media training
  • Lethbridge Area Council Meetings
  • Advanced Representation Training Feb 22-25
  • Calgary Regional Women’s Meeting Feb 22
  • PSAC Health and Safety Workshop May 25
  • CIU Executive Meeting May 25
  • PSAC Duty to Fair Representation Workshop May 26
  • CIU AGM May 26
  • Voted Chair of Lethbridge Women’s Committee
  • Affirmed Lethbridge Area Council VP
  • Prairie Health and Safety committee for the Prairie H and S conference.

I hope that going into the fall I can take more courses to expand my knowledge.

This concludes my report

Kristy (Kris) Slattery

November 2019

My report as Southern Alberta Geographical Rep is sadly not very extensive as the summer is a busy time for my work and family and a slower time for my involvement in union activities.

I have continued my role as the Chair of the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Chair and we have seen new great members join our group. I was re acclaimed as Chair at our AGM on June 24 2019.

I was able to attend the PSAC Health and Safety Mini School in Calgary May 31- June 2.

My biggest focus has been helping my new local stewards at Coutts and showing support locally for our bargaining team.

I was able to attend The Person’s Day Breakfast with a few members of the LRWC and was asked to participate in the “quiz” to give away center pieces.

This concludes my report.

Kris (Kristy) Slattery