Kristy Slattery Report November 2018

Kristy Slattery

Southern Alberta Geographical Rep

Prairie Region Council November 2018

Firstly, I send my regrets that I couldn’t attend the face to face meeting.

As the Southern Alberta Geographical Rep I work a lot with our Lethbridge Area Council and PRC rep Krysty Munns. Her support in my activism growth is wonderful.

As I stated in my February notes I was shifting my focus to reflect that of my work location. I have been able to show the team at Coutts that the union is a good thing, and even have a few members signing up for training, As I am currently the only Steward onsite this is a huge deal. I have been able to help get staff concerns heard and management made some changes to reflect those concerns. I will continue to try to get members to join the area council and RWC, however this is proving tough as of right now.

With summer and working at the border I wasn’t able to attend multiple events due to shifts or the prohibitive LWOP cost to my members. I am hoping to get on some fall training though that won’t be such a financial strain on our members.

I was voted RWC chair and re-elected area council VP. Here is some of the courses I was able to attend:

  • PRC Meeting and Strategy Session
    • Media training
  • Lethbridge Area Council Meetings
  • Advanced Representation Training Feb 22-25
  • Calgary Regional Women’s Meeting Feb 22
  • PSAC Health and Safety Workshop May 25
  • CIU Executive Meeting May 25
  • PSAC Duty to Fair Representation Workshop May 26
  • CIU AGM May 26
  • Voted Chair of Lethbridge Women’s Committee
  • Affirmed Lethbridge Area Council VP
  • Prairie Health and Safety committee for the Prairie H and S conference.

I hope that going into the fall I can take more courses to expand my knowledge.

This concludes my report

Kristy (Kris) Slattery