Kristy Slattery Report February 2018

In the past few months I have been shifting my focus. Focusing on my new work location of Coutts and the fact I am the only steward and Union advocate and focusing on working with Sister Krysty Munns/Thomas on Lethbridge Area Council and Women’s Committees.

Since my last report I was acclaimed CIU Local 30036 Alberta Young Worker’s Rep and Lethbridge Area Council Vice President and Alternate to PSAC National Convention.

The following is a list of Courses and Event’s I attended:

  • July 7-8 attended PRC meeting. Selected to the Health and Safety Committee
  • Health and Safety call out phone meeting Aug
  • PRC Call
  • CLC Meeting Lethbridge
  • September 28- Oct 1 CIU National Convention Ottawa
  • TUB course Sept 22-23
  • Oct 17 Lethbridge Area Council Voted VP and 1st Alt to PSAC National
  • Oct 17 Regional Women’s Committee
  • CIU Alberta re-elected me Young Workers Rep and Steward
  • Nov 25 and 26 “A Women’s Place is in her Unions” Retreat
  • Nov 30 Dec 3 PSAC National Leadership Training
  • Dec 7 Lethbridge RWC social and meeting (Chair of meeting)
  • Jan 20 CIU Alberta Meeting
  • Jan 25 RWC meeting and round table

As mentioned my focus has been trying to re-establish a positive image of PSAC and the Union within my workplace. Focusing on mobilization and engaging our new workers. I have a few who have signed up for upcoming training. 

The RWC has been working on International Women’s Day events. We are also looking to engage other women’s groups of all ages within the community,

This concludes my report.