Kirsten Strachey Reports

February 2020

I am thrilled and honoured to be a part of this council.  The depth of knowledge is vast and the enthusiasm to get things done is contagious.  

I have attended (by phone), the Calgary Regional Women’s meeting on Nov 25 & Feb 3, Calgary Area Council meeting Nov 20 and plan on attending the next Calgary Human Rights Committee on Feb 26. I have attended the Regional Strike training for executives, which was perfect as my bargaining component UTE has called for a strike vote for members.  I have also attended a Prairie Regional Council teleconference on Jan 30.

I have been active with the Red Deer District and Labour Council attending meetings when my schedule allows.  I am looking forward to attending the Alberta Federation of Labour meetings on March 3&4, and their open house March 3. It has been educational to be surrounded by such passionate activists.  I am part of the childcare committee meeting and they have recently launched a facebook site, Childcare for All. Working with the UNA,HSAA, & CUPE has been eye opening, they really know how to rally!  They also have a facebook page Friends of Medicare and recently organized – The Peoples bus on Feb 12.

Although my calendar is packed with upcoming union events, conferences, celebration days and rallies, I couldn’t be prouder to be an activist, side by side with my union sisters, brothers and friends. 

In Solidarity,
Kirsten Strachey

December 2020

Due to the global pandemic the opportunities and ways to engaged have changed, as have I and my family. These past months have been filled with anxiety, information overload, cancelled events and uncertainty, not my usual way of living.  This has taken a toll on me and although my commitment in representing members remains strong, I haven’t been able to do most things on my to-do list.  I am still seeking how I can be of service without burning out from all the online meetings or putting my health at risk. 

I have attended numerous online meetings for the Alberta Federation of Labour.  The UPC government has continued to make it clear that they are not a friend to workers, and it seems like there are too many fronts to fight.   Being at the table of these passionate unionists still gives me hope that we can make a difference.

The AFL is also helping to align like-minded activists on the childcare front, creating a working group called ChildCareNow, which will be meeting later this month. 

As always, in solidarity,

Kirsten Strachey
Southern Alberta Geo Rep

March 2021

2020 feels like a lost year to me.  It was the year of forced slowdowns, with work, friends, kids and union activities.  However, that was last year, and as a Union leader and activist I have been diving headfirst into the new year.  While we are still adjusting to our ‘new normal’, I have been working hard on your behalf, feeling reenergized and ready to keep tackling and discussing our issues. 

Red Deer District Labour Council

  • Dec 8

Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL)

  • Dec 18 Executive Council
  • Jan 26&27 Executive Council and Committee
  • Feb 24&25 Executive Council and Committee


  • Dec 7

Childcare Now

  • Dec 8
  • Feb 9 


  • Jan 14 (All Area Council, Geo Reps)
  • Feb 10 
  • March 5&6

PSAC Health & Safety  

  • Jan 12 
  • Feb 3 webinar Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Feb 19
  • Feb 23

PSAC Regional Women’s Committee 

  • Jan 17 (Calgary-AGM)
  • Jan 19 (All RWC reps)
  • Feb 2 (Lethbridge-AGM)
  • Feb 22 (Calgary-Paint night)

In solidarity,

Kirsten Strachey
Southern Alberta Geo Rep