Kim Haynes PRC Report (Nov. 2016)

Report of the Persons with Disabilities Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the November 2016 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Kim Haynes
Persons with Disabilities Rep
Prairie Region Council November 2016

  1. Date of Meeting:  21 – 22 September
  2. Brief Summary of Meeting:  Day 1 was the NHRC Plenary gather – Welcome & Intro, then a review of the year gone by.  After lunch we chatted about the Liberal Gove’t accountability & what has & has not been done &/or started.   Concluding with our (PSAC) priorities. 

    Day 2 We broke out into our groups – Members with Disabilities.  Region gave an Update.  Discussed emerging Issues such as Collective Bargaining, Membership engagement, Policial Action, Privation, Tree Trade, Health & safety, Equity rights & the dreaded “Phoenix Pay” system.   Mental Health and Health & Safety in our work place.  Building networks.

  3. Campaign & Issues Updates: Really liked the idea of sending our Newsletters with some info from PSAC website.
  4. The support of visiting the ROs throughout the Area.
  5. Telephone conference on U>N> “Rights of Person with Disability”
  6. National Access Conference in March
  7. 3 December: Int’l Day of Persons with Disabilities  – 2 short Video’s on Duty to Accommodated.
  8. Duty to Accommodated questions
    1. Has there been any legislative changes
    2. It this Prov or Fed driven
    3. Case Law & what is “Reasonable”

      Link to regional or component priorities
      It was really good to share & get & expand on ideals with others in this Country, however there are demographic issues.  Like mine – such a big area to serve & with limited resources.

  9. Suggested Actions in Region or Component
    Would like to contact are the AR Councils & HR committes to see if they would feel if a Pizza or sub night would go off with a few video’s on Duty to Accommodated.
  10. Required Follow-Up and Timeframes:
    My goal is by the end of this month to contact all RO and see if there is an interest in the above mention gathering.

    One of our Goals is to review & revamp the PSAC “Duty to Accommodate” booklet.

  11. Next Meeting (if known):
    Will be by telephone conference = times TBT