Kathy Ajram Biography

Kathy Ajram is serving her second term on the Prairie Region Council as the Racially Visible Representative.

She has been active in the union for approximately five years and has served in a variety of capacities, including, Chief Shop Steward, steward, bargaining representative on the Pay Equity Committee and staffing committee. She is currently the Vice-President of her local.

Kathy first became involved in PSAC through training courses and the Calgary Human Rights Committee. She continues to participate in the committee actively and passionately.

She currently works as an Acting Team Leader with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). In this capacity she supervises a team of Taxpayer Services Agenda and assist them in their development at the CRA Individual Enquiries Contact Centre.

Kathy has a deep love and commitment to her family who no matter how busy she may be will always be her number one priority.

‘Smiles really do make most situations easier to handle.’

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