Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (March 23, 2016)

Meeting Minutes for the Human Rights Committee 

Human Rights Planning Meeting March 23, 2016
Call to order:  5:50
In attendance: Marlene H, Cherylyn S., Amber Maxie, Sandra Ahenakew, PSAC Keith Gauthier
Marlene – we have not heard back from REVP Marianne regarding the HRC standing and financial reporting submitted.
Plan for upcoming year/RWC meeting dates
Brainstorming possible events HRC can support in 2016;
Pride/GLBTQ – June 2016
Disability – December 3, 2016
International Day of Literacy – October
Black History Month – February
National Aboriginal Day – June 21, 2016 
Remembrance Day – November 11
Stand Up Against Poverty
Aboriginal Awareness Week for Federal Employees is May 19 -22, 2016
Sister In Spirit Vigils – October 4
Bullying/Violence in the Workplace.
Cherylyn suggests that HRC partner with other organization to support community events. Does Regina have a Pet program? Marlene suggested finding out about the organization that is providing assistance dogs to our Vets — dealing with PTSD. Sign up for Friends of the Canadian Human Rights Museum. 
Amber suggests we partner with SAFE (Saskatchewan Association of Federal Employees.
Sandra suggests Amnesty International
Consider hosting Movie/quest speaker evenings.
It was suggested that HRC create a Facebook page to promote upcoming events.
Sandra suggested HRC create a Human Rights Newsletter (E-letter) to provide information on upcoming Human Rights events, have a quiz section (Did you know…)
Dates of upcoming HRC meetings
Tuesday May 3, 2016 @ 5:30 PSAC office
Tuesday September 13 @ 5:30 PSAC office
Possible dates for meeting:  November 22 or 29 – December 13   Once HRC confirms a speaker we will check the availability of suggested dates.
No meetings in June or July
Meeting Adjourned at 7:00 P.M.