“Harper Hates Me” Buttons

Since the federal budget was tabled on March 29, 2012, 16,873 PSAC members in 44 federal government departments and agencies have been told they could lose their jobs.

Harper’s Conservative government has implemented changes that impact important services that Canadians rely on in areas such as health care, food safety, environmental protection, human rights, arts, research and science.

The relentless attacks on vital public services have upset Canadians, including our members, and prompted “Stephen Harper Hates Me” buttons, a member-initiated action. The buttons echo the frustration and anger our members and the public feels toward the policies implemented by this government.

Due to the ongoing demand for buttons from members across the country, PSAC has printed a limited quantity for distribution to Locals. The buttons are intended to provide an opportunity for people to discuss the impact of the cuts to Canadians.

There has, however, been some backlash from management over wearing the buttons at work. In one department, management considered the buttons to be “derogatory and damaging to the employer’s reputation.

Under the Public Service Employment Act, employees are “responsible for assessing whether an activity could impair or be perceived to impair, their ability to perform their duties in an impartial manner.”

With that in mind, we encourage members to wear these buttons outside of work. Should you choose to wear the button at work and are asked to remove the button, comply with management’s request and grieve later.

Please call your regional office to request buttons, or use the template below to make your own.