Gus Mardli Report February 2018

Hello Sisters, Brothers and Friends

I hope you all had great Component Conventions last summer and fall. So let’s all do what it takes to make our Region the best Region for the labour movement.


Here is a list of activities I participated in:

*On August 3rd I held a conference call for Local Presidents in the South East Manitoba to update locals on the PRC and to ask about their needs and their activities. I explained my role as a Geographical Rep and informed them of my plans on how to keep them informed and how I can be their voice on the PRC. Sister Sandra Ahenakew joined us as a guest and was introduced to presidents in attendance. Sandra spoke of her role as the Aboriginal Peoples’ Rep on PRC as well and followed up with emailing them her contact information and other material and activities related to our indigenous sisters and brothers in the Region.

*On August 9th, I participated with the Winnipeg Area Council at a special meeting to debate and vote on resolutions to be submitted to the 2018 PSAC National Triennial Convention.

At that same meeting, the Winnipeg Area Council decided to have a Phoenix Protest day on each and every payday to be held at either an MP office in Winnipeg or at a PSAC Local in Winnipeg.

*On August 23rd, The Winnipeg Area Council had their very first Phoenix Payday Protest in front of Minister Jim Carr Constituency office on Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg. Minister Carr was in Ottawa, as we were told by his Executive Assistant. I was also interviewed by CBC News that day to explain the reason behind the protest:

*Labour Day Event this year was another success. We marched on Monday Sept. 4th -despite the storm- from the Legislative building to the Vimy Ridge Park for the picnic. We received many compliments regarding our PSAC swag, and had many people coming back to our PSAC Tent for more.

*I protested – on September 6th– with the Winnipeg Area Council  the Phoenix Payday at the Minister Jim Carr Constituency office again. We couldn’t meet with him that day either. His office offered us coffee though.

*On September 10th, I accompanied other PSAC activists for a trip to Iskatewizaagegan Reserve at Shoal Lake Ontario which was sponsored by the Winnipeg Regional Women Committee. The trip was an eye opener as we witnessed how the reserve get contaminated water, no roads to the reserve but through water ferry, no septic system for the reserve. It was just like going back in time more than 5 decades.

*Participated in conference call with the PRC Health & Safety Committee and Brother Clint Wirth on September 12th as we went through the feedback we received from Health & Safety activists in the prairie region, to help us with drafting the Terms of Reference for the New Prairie Region Health & Safety Committee.

*I attended a PRC Conference Call on September 14th. I presented -on behalf of the PRC Health & Safety Committee- the work we accomplished concerning the Regional Health & Safety Committee’s Terms of Reference.

*I protested – on September 20th– with the Winnipeg Area Council  the Phoenix Payday at the Minister Jim Carr Constituency office again. Sister Marianne Hladun joined us and got a chance to meet Carr’s Consitituency office assistant in person. Again Jim Carr wasn’t in town that day.

*Attended a Wiinnipeg Area Council meeting on September 26th, It was to plan for the Rememberance Day Wreath Laying and the Winnipeg Santa Claus Annual Parade.

*I protested the Phoenix debacle – on October 4th– with AGR Local 50073 & the Winnipeg Area Council at 167 Lombard in Winnipeg. Answered some of by-passers questions about the Phoenix issues.

*On November 1st, The Phoenix Payday Protest took place at 111 Lombard Avenue in Winnipeg. I joined Locals 50262, 50757, 50758, 50770 and the Winnipeg Area Council. It was a great show so thanks to Sister Mackenzie Campbell (the PRC Young Workers Rep) and her local to provide everyone with Fairtrade coffee.

*On November 14th & 15th, I co-facilitated with Brother Clint Wirth a 2 day workshop on Violence in the Workplace at the Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) Health & Safety Conference.

*The Winnipeg Annual Santa Clause Parade took place on November 18th. I had the chance to assist Brother Frank Janz (very little) in decorating the PSAC Float entering in the parade. It wasn’t as warm day as it was the last year. The Parade was still well attended and the float was very full of our PSAC activists who didn’t walk and handed out candies. We still ran out of candy anyway.

*On November 28th, I was invited to attend UHEW Local 50012 Annual General Meeting. I updated the local on PRC work and activities and explained my role as their geographical rep. I also answered questions on the difference between the PRC council vs their Component National Officers who resides in the prairies. I also ran their election for officers for them that evening.

*The National PSAC Leadership training took place in Ottawa from November 30th – December 3rd. It was a great opportunity to attend workshops with PRC members as well as other PSAC activists.

*On December 13th, The Phoenix Payday Protest took place at MP Doug Eyolfson Constituency office on Partage avenue in Winnipeg. I joined UNDE Local 50705 and the Winnipeg Area Council for this protest. MP Eyolfson wasn’t in his office but I had the chance to speak to his Executive Assistant -Catherine Montgomery- as she was defending the Liberals and blaming only the Conservatives for the Phoenix implementation. I asked her to let Doug Eyolfson know that it is not acceptable to keep blaming the former government and that we need actions on moving forward, not just what had happened already.

*On December 14th, I participated with the Winnipeg Area Council at a special meeting to hold a by-election for the Area Council Vice-President vacant position and the successful member is holding this position now is Sister Sheilagh Hanson.

*The New Year’s Phoenix Payday Protest continued on January 24th. I joined CEIU Locals 50772, 50767 and the Winnipeg Area Council at 280 Broadway in Winnipeg. This was the longest protest we had as we kept picketing on front of the building for more than an hour. Members kept coming and leaving as their lunch time staggered. Sister Basia Sokal (The Winnipeg Labour Council President) had joined us for the protest. It was a great success and a very good turnout.

I am looking forward to continue working with each and every member on the PRC as well as representing locals and members in South East Manitoba in a very productive cycle


Respectfully Submitted

Gus Mardli  




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