Gus Mardli PRC Report (Jan. 2017)

Report of the Southeast Manitoba Geographical Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the January 2017 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Gus Mardli
South East Manitoba Geographical Rep
Prairie Region Council January 2017

This reporting is for the period of November 2016 to January 2017

This is going to be a short report as it is just since the last PRC meeting which took a place in November but the Holiday Season is always one of the best seasons anyhow.

Nov 2016:

  • Attended the PRC (Prairie Region Council) meeting in Calgary early November and I will be on the Bylaws Convention Committee.
  • On Nov. 12 I participated in the Santa Claus Parade in Winnipeg. it was a great experience, thanks to Brother Frank Janz for taking the lead in participating and entering the PSAC Float at this annual event.
  • I was privileged to represent the Prairie Region on the Steering Committee of the 2016 National Health & Safety Conference, which took place November 18-20. The participants’ feedback reflected a very successful conference.
  • Nov. 29th I attended the Winnipeg Area Council meeting which mainly dealt with resolutions to go to the Regional Triennial Convention

January 2017:

  • Will be participating in the Winnipeg Area Council 2017 Event Planning Meeting.

Have a very productive meeting everyone.

Respectfully Submitted

Gus Mardli