Gus Mardli PRC Report (Convention 2017)

Report of the Southeast Manitoba Geographical Rep to the Prairie Region Triennial Convention, April 21-23, 2017. This report covers the 2014-17 PRC term.

Gus Mardli
South-East Manitoba Geographic Representative

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

It has been an honour and a privilege to represent South-East Manitoba on the PRC (Prairie Region Council) and I would be more than willing to let my name stand to represent you again for another term.

I had a very good start to my term as I had started on setting-up a communication network to ensure receiving information from locals in SE Manitoba. This network list was very helpful allowing me I to disseminate PRC information to locals in my jurisdiction, to promote participation of our activist in the broader labour movement and to share information on relevant community and social justice organizations who have common interests with our members.

I was a member of the PRC Health & Safety Standing Committee during this term. We were tasked to participating in the organization and hosting of the Triennial Regional Health & Safety Conference. The Committee was tasked to draft new Terms of Reference – which is still in the work – as we got to deal with a resolution was carried by the National PSAC Triennial convention that mandated new Regional Health & Safety Committees. Eventually PRC decided that the PRC Health & Safety Standing Committee is in fact the Regional Health & Safety Committee.

The Regional Health & Safety Triennial Conference was held in November 2015 in Winnipeg. The participants’ feedback reflected a very successful conference.

I was also privileged to represent the Prairie Region on the Steering Committee of the 2016 National Triennial Health & Safety Conference.

This term was busy with political action as many activists in our union worked hard to promote to everyone to go out and vote. Canadians needed to be heard that the former Conservative Government’s attacks on labour and social justice was not acceptable.

I promoted trainings put forth by not just our own union (e.g. PSAC’s training: Setting The Stage For The Next Federal Election); but also by other labour body such as the Canadian Labour Congress who designed training for activists that was named: Election Preparation Conference. The conference had 6 workshops and each participant was able to take part in 3 of them. I participated in:

a) Building Allies Locally, b) Engaging Young Workers. c) From Engagement to Action.

I volunteered a couple of times in a phone bank that was initiated at the Winnipeg Regional office to make phone calls to locals and members promoting the participation in events and actions.

I volunteered at events that were sponsored by the Winnipeg Area Council. Some events included speaking to the public about the importance of voting in the Federal Election, the importance of educating oneself about how crucial for the Federal Government to treat Canadians with dignity and how important Public Services are for Canada and Canadians.

I also attended All Candidate Forums for Federal Elections that was sponsored by PSAC.

In the midst of Bill C-59 fiasco, I seeked every training possible about this issue so I can answer questions from locals about the changes and the impacts Bill C-59 had on Canadian and their Health and Safety.

This term I managed to attend two (2) Local AGMs. I spoke to locals about the importance of voting, the importance of finding out which political party supports and stands public services the most; and I reminded everyone about the former Conservative Government attacks on Public Services.

I answered questions about the Prairie Region Council mandate and responsibilities.

I discussed the PSAC Three Priorities especially the 3rd one about the MPs Lobbying campaign.

Early 2016 I attended the Treasury Board mobilization training at the Winnipeg Regional Office then I volunteered as Area Coordinator in the event any Strike Mobilization was going to take a place.

During spring of 2016 I met with the Portage-Lisgar MP as a part of the PSAC MP Lobbying Campaign. We discussed Bill C-59; Candice asked information on our union stand on Bills being repealed by the liberals (C-377 and C-525) and I made sure to talk about Bill C-4

This term I have continued to actively attend meetings held by both the Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee and by the Winnipeg Area Council.

Recently it has been busy for me – as well as for all PRC members – prepping for the 2017 Prairie Region Triennial Convention. Resolutions were debated, voted on then submitted by the PRC. I will be co-chairing the Bylaws Resolution Committee and everything seems to be going very smoothly.

At last I wish everyone a productive and fun-filled Convention.

Respectfully Submitted

Gus Mardli