Glenn Hollyoake Bio

Glenn works for CBSA as a Border Services Officer and has been in that position since 2011. He  worked at Emerson, MB until September 2015 when he moved to Southwestern Saskatchewan to work at the Port of Monchy.

Glenn has been a Steward with CIU Manitoba and an Executive Steward. He has been Steward, Executive Steward and Young Workers Rep for CIU Saskatchewan, and was elected 2nd VP in November of 2017.

Glenn got involved with PSAC to help his colleagues wherever possible. A highlight for Glenn was to attend the 2018 CLC MP Lobby Day representing PSAC. It was a great experience to not only represent our membership but to connect with other members of the labour movement.

He attended the 2014 & 2017 CIU national conventions as an observer. At the 2017 PSAC Prairies Convention, Glenn was elected 2nd alternate YW Rep.

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