Glen Johnston Report November 2018

Glen Johnston

Westman Area Council Rep

Prairie Region Council November 2018

In March the WMAC held its Annual General Meeting, at which the Council’s financial statement was reviewed and passed along with the 2019 budget. As elections for the Council’s executive had been conducted at our October AGM, no elections were held at this meeting.

From this meeting I was able to submit the Council’s financial package to the Winnipeg RO in order to begin the process of getting approval for our budget and eventually our yearly allocation.

Two events were brought to the Council, for this budget cycle, that we had not participated in before but we hoped we could rally our members and show some support to our community.

The first event was sponsored by The Women’s Resource Centre and was held from May 7 – 11, 2018 and called the Team Challenge.  This event included team activities/ team building exercises in the evenings for registered teams while learning about the Women’s Resource Centre and the needs they address and resources they provide for the WestMan Area. Unfortunately we could not rally our members but we are hoping to get a head start and have a group ready to go should this event be held next year.

The second event was the Brandon Pride Parade. While there was interest shown by our members we could not get members organized to attend on behalf of the Council. There were however PSAC members marching in the parade.

The Brandon & District Labour Council Labour Day Picnic was a success as usual this year. The Council was again able to participate by setting up a table and handing out some PSAC swag and information on the Phoenix fiasco.

During this period the Council met three times, in March, July and October. Our fourth meeting is being planned for early December to close out the year and debrief from the Brandon & District United Way Christmas Tree Auction which is scheduled for 23 November.

Along with the Council meetings I also participated in the following:

PRC Conference Call on the 20th of Mar 2018

PRC Conference Call on the 17th of May 2018

Area Council Conference Call on the 4th of July 2018

PRC Conference call on the 11th of Oct 2018

As part of my duties on the Council I also sit on the PRC Finance Committee. This has been a bigger challenge than I had expected as for all previous mandates I had sat on the Bylaws Committee. As part of the Finance Committee I participated in the finance related conference calls and attended a meeting in Winnipeg in May to review the PRC Council and Committee financial packages along with budget submissions from each group. The Finance Committee reports can be found with the PRC Minutes posted to the Prairie Region Website.


Respectfully submitted,


Glen Johnston

WMAC Rep to the PRC