Glen Johnston PRC Report (Nov. 2015)

Report of the Westman Area Council Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the November 2015 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Glen Johnston
Westman Area Council Rep
Prairie Region Council November 2015

This reporting period has been dominated by the Federal Election and the need to make a change in our Federal government.

Unfortunately, the Westman area chose to return a Conservative Representative to Ottawa.

This period has also been extremely busy for me in my Component and Local.

In June, as the WMAC Rep to PRC, I attended a meeting in Winnipeg where the PSAC National President spoke to members about bargaining, our political rights, how best to commit our support to our bargaining teams, and how to get involved in the fight back efforts to protect our sick leave and elect a federal government that respects worker and union rights.

In August, I attended the Brandon District Labour Council meeting where we began planning the Labour Day event to be held at Errol Black Park in Brandon, MB.

The WMAC sponsored a table in the Labour Day event in September. We met with great success interacting with people from the Brandon Area. Many people stopped by to offer their support for the work that we do on behalf of all Canadians.

In September, with the help and support of our PSAC Staff Rep, volunteers from the WMAC and our former Alternate REVP met to stuff envelopes with information pamphlets about the Federal election. These letters were then mailed out to PSAC members in the Westman area.

The WMAC was back at work in early October where volunteers again gathered to divvy up coffee sleeves that were to be distributed to the Public. The coffee sleeves had one simple message, “VOTE” and “Are you registered to vote Oct 19th?” and “Please check”.

In November I will be attending the PRC meeting scheduled for the 27th to the 29th of November.

  • 08-Apr – Westman Area Council Meeting
  • 02-Jun – PRC Conference Call
  • 11-Jun – Attended Meeting in Winnipeg/PSAC Nat Pres
  • 08-Jul – Westman Area Council Meeting
  • 10-Aug – BDLC Labour Day Event Planning Meeting
  • 02-Sep – Westman Area Council Meeting
  • 02-Sep – PRC Conference Call/Convention Location
  • 07-Sep – BDLC Labour Day Event
  • 10-Sep – PRC Conference Call/Convention Location
  • 17-Sep – WMAC Mail out Campaign for Federal Election
  • 07-Oct – Meeting to discuss coffee sleeve distribution
  • 26-Nov – PRC Bylaws Committee Meeting

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Johnston