Glen Johnston PRC Report (Feb. 2015)

Report of the Westman Area Council Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the February 2015 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Glen Johnston
Westman Area Council Rep
Prairie Region Council February 2015

At the Prairie Region Council Meeting in September 2014, the Council Committee’s were selected and I was fortunate in being selected for the Bylaws committee. My fellow members subsequently elected me to act as the Committee Chairman.

During the Sept PRC meeting the Prairies Summit was held which brought together leaders from across the Prairies. At the summit we discussed, the PSAC and priorities and the way forward in achieving them.

Immediately following the PRC meeting I was asked to attend the Brandon University DCL held on the 25 Sep 2014 and speak about the Westman Area Council and its role in the community.

On the 13th of Nov I participated in a conference call with other Area Council Reps and the Geographic Reps to discuss the roles and responsibilities related to these positions.

In December, the Westman Area Council again sponsored a tree in the Westman United Way Christmas Tree Auction. This was the fourth year that we have supported this worthy cause and once again the Auction raised in excess of $20,000 to support their initiatives in the community and families in need.

On the 20th of Jan 2015, I chaired a Bylaws committee conference call. The report of this committee has been submitted to the Feb meeting of the PRC.

At the end of Jan, 2015 the PSAC Prairies Leadership training was held. I attended as a member of the PRC.

On the 16th of Feb, I will be attending a rally at the Boissevain, MB border crossing in support of Veterans. This rally was conceived and put in motion by members of the Westman Area Council. There were also rallies planned for the Emerson, MB and Sprague, MB border crossing points. One of our objectives will be to move the Conservative government forward in re-opening Veterans Affairs offices.

During this reporting period I will also have attended two Westman Area Council meetings, Nov 2914 and Feb 2015.


  • 20 – 21 Sep 14  –  Prairies Summit Meeting/PRC Meeting
  • 25-Sep-14  –  Attended Brandon University DCL Meeting
  • 13-Nov  –  PRC Conference Call
  • 18-Nov-14  –  Westman Area Council Meeting
  • 19-Nov-14  –  PRC Conference Call
  • 05-Dec-14  –  United Way Christmas Tree Auction
  • 20-Jan-15  –  Bylaws Conference Call
  • 30 – 31 Jan  –  Leadership Training
  • 16-Feb-15  –  Rally at Boissevain Border Crossing
  • 18-Feb  –  Westman Area Council Meeting

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Johnston

WMAC Rep to the PRC