Glen Johnston PRC Report (Apr. 2013)

Report of the Northwest Manitoba Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the April 2013 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Glen Johnston, Northwest Manitoba Rep

Report to the Prairie Region Council

April 2013

At the October PRC meeting in Regina a By-Laws Committee was struck to review the PR By-Laws and the PSAC Prairie Region Council Representative Handbook which was presented to the Council for consideration for adoption to the Regulations of the PR By-Laws. It was determined that before adoption the Handbook needed to be vetted for consistency, accuracy and relativity and accordingly the By-Laws Committee was stood up. At this time I was acclaimed as the Chair of the Committee.

A preliminary conference call was held on the 27th of Nov 2012 to discuss our role as a committee and the Handbook. Details of this call can be found in the By-Laws Committee report submitted for the April PRC meeting to be held in Calgary.

Due to work, life and Local union issues I was not able to schedule a subsequent conference call but have asked and had scheduled a committee meeting for the 17th of April in Calgary. Our discussion will center on, but not be limited to, the roles and responsibilities of the PRC Reps.

I have also participated in the monthly PRC conference calls which have taken place since the PRC meeting in October.