Friday, June 25, Convention Recap

Yesterday, the Indigenous Peoples Representative on the Prairie Region Council was elected. The Representative and the two alternates are as follows:

PRC Rep: Janette Husak 
1st Alternate: Kathryn Richot 
2nd Alternate: Michelle Enns

Today was a day full of work on resolutions! Delegates debated resolutions from the General and Financial/General Resolutions Committee as well as Emergency Motions 2-3. 

General Resolutions
GEN – 010 – Carried 
GEN – 003A – Carried 
GEN – 016 – Carried 
GEN – 027 – Carried 
GEN – 001 – Carried 
GEN – 011 – Carried 
GEN – 022 – Carried 
GEN – 025 – Carried 

This afternoon over lunch the Persons with Disabilities Representative on the Prairie Region Council was elected. The Representative and the two alternates are as follows:

PRC Rep: Tim Hubick 
1st Alternate: Brea Baresinkoff 
2nd Alternate: Charmaine Nelson

Finance/General Resolutions
FIN – 20 – Carried 
FIN – 18A – Referred back to the committee
FIN – 06 – Carried 
FIN – 09 – Carried 
FIN – 04 – Carried 
FIN – 11 – Carried (non-concurrence) 

Emergency Resolution 2, Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The committee recommends non-concurrence and that was carried by delegates. 

BE IT RESOLVED THAT PSAC continues to denounce publicly the unfair treatment by the Israeli government towards the Palestinian People, And;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT PSAC design an education course to raise awareness amongst PSAC activists on the impact of the ongoing Human Rights Violations between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian People.

Emergency Resolution 3, Stop Anti-Asian Hate and Violence

The Committee has voted to split emergency resolution 3 into two parts 3A and 3B.

The Committee recommends concurrence and that was carried by delegates. 

3A BE IT RESOLVED that PSAC acknowledge that anti-Asian racism, as well as the historical and continued attacks against Black, Indigenous and racialized people are rooted in white supremacy, racism and xenophobia and will condemn these racist actions and attacks; 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that PSAC will support an anti-racist labour movement in our labour organizing through educational and political action, media and public awareness. 

The Committee recommends non-concurrence and that was carried by delegates.

3B BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that PSAC demand Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments tackle Anti-Asian racism in all its forms as well as redouble efforts to eliminate racism and hate crimes.

In the early evening, two caucus meetings took place: Directly Chartered Locals and Separate Employer Locals.

At both caucus meetings, a representative was elected for the Prairie Region Council. The Representative and the two alternates are as follows:

Directly Chartered Locals
PRC Rep: Michelle Lang 
1st Alternate: Daniela Aubichon 
2nd Alternate: Joanne Remillard

Separate Employer Locals
PRC Rep: Amanda Wakeford 
1st Alternate: Alana Conway 
2nd Alternate: Vacant