Family Care

  • Members who have to pay for additional family care costs in order to be able to attend our education activities are reimbursed these additional expenses in accordance with the PSAC Family Care Policy.
  • The PSAC fully recognizes that family is not solely defined as consisting of “mother and father with children” and may take several forms including, but not limited to: single parents, same-sex parents, dependant relatives residing in the household. The objective of this policy is to remove one of the barriers which prevent members from participating in union activities.
  • Note: A completed Family Care Expense Claim form must be submitted, accompanied by a receipt including caregiver’s name, address, telephone number, license number (if applicable) and signature, as well as the dates and hours worked and amounts charged.
  • Members are entitled to claim expenses related to the care of the following family members who reside on a full or part-time basis with the member:
    • A child under 18 years of age
    • A person with a disability
    • An adult, who is a dependant, requiring care
  • If you are responsible for family members – please reach out to our staff.  They will help you navigate the PSAC Family Care policy.