Regina Women’s Committee Meeting

March 19, 2021

6pm - 7pm


PSAC Regional Women’s Committees (RWCs) provide an opportunity for PSAC members that identify as women to organize in their regions and work together collectively. They give recognition and credibility to women’s rights as an important concern of the union.  Committees aim to inform and educate women on the political, social, economic, and workplace issues that affect them.  RWCs also speak for women with a strong, common voice and advocate policies that promote women’s rights.  They also mobilize women to participate in the union and to take action on the issues and empower women with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to exercise effective leadership. 

The Regina RWC invites all PSAC members that identify as women to our next meeting happening at 6:00 p.m. March 19, 2021 online through Zoom. 

Please RSVP to Keith Gauthier. Agenda and meeting documents will be sent to those on the RSVP list.

Come to a meeting – find out what we are about!   Find out what we are planning for the next year! Meet the sisters participating in the Regina RWC, have fun and gain the knowledge, skills and confidence (or polish the skills you already have) so that you can actively work with the union and even give effective leadership to the sisters in  your life…you never know where participating in the RWC can take you!