Prairies Virtual Mobilization Summit

May 18, 2022 - May 18, 2022

8:30 AM (AB/SK) | 9:30 AM (MB) - 4:00 PM (AB/SK) | 5:00 PM (MB)

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Facilitator: Tracy Thor and Lindsey Sparks

This Treasury Board (TB) Mobilization Summit is being offered to ensure that Treasury Board Locals are prepared to support collective bargaining success. Participants will be asked to work with Local Executives to ensure the Local has the following in place:

  • updated member contact information
  • can identify if members are working from home or at a worksite
  • be able to talk to members about the issues at the bargaining table and the reason for mobilization
  • a local communication/mobilization structure in place that can be turned into a strike structure if needed
  • to be able to carry out different mobilization activities
  • to be familiar with the way that strike activities look during a pandemic
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