Evelyn Jackson Report February 2018

The Saskatoon Area Council (SAC) participated in the Labour Day BBQ and were very appreciative of the tent that was purchased by the PRC.  They also participated in the Day of Mourning, Pride Parade and laid a wreath at the Remembrance Day ceremony. The annual open house was held in December but was not well attended due to the outbreak of flus and colds in the Saskatoon area.

I attended the SAC meetings that were held in August & October.  I have reached out to the Saskatoon locals explaining who I was, etc. via email through the Saskatoon Regional Office.

I attended the A Women’s Place is in her Union course at the Saskatoon regional Office on October 28th.  It was good to have fulfilling and meaningful discussions with other strong union women.

I am a member of the Prairie Region Council’s finance committee.


Respectfully Submitted

Evelyn Jackson