ELP Instructors: Negotiations have begun

On July 19 and 20, your bargaining team exchanged proposals with the employer, and began the process of obtaining you a collective agreement to improve your working conditions.

The tone has improved significantly relative to our last time at the table. We had civil discussion about how to proceed, and we have finally begun the negotiations on the issues that matter to you in your workplace.

However, we are also aware of the long road ahead of us to get you a collective agreement. We will be working hard to get you the best collective agreement that we can.

Attached to this communiqué is the full set of non-monetary proposals that your Union put on the table in front of the employer. This document is for you to see, but we ask that you please keep it confidential.

While we may not be successful on everything in the document, it represents the best of what we hope to achieve at the bargaining table. All members are encouraged to read through it. Once we have made progress on the non-monetary issues, we will begin the process of discussing money.
The employer also tabled a package of non-monetary proposals. In some cases, there is clear common ground, and in other areas, we recognize that it will be a tough and long road to succeed on our priorities at the table.

We will continue to keep you informed throughout the process. Please contact your bargaining team if you have any questions or concerns.