Education in Action delegations inspire Prairies members

EIA has inspired many people to get involved in meaningful solidarity with Guatemala. One hundred and three people have participated in the program to build homes for impoverished families in the rural areas of the Guatemalan highlands since 2007. Since the program was founded by former PSAC member Roberto Miranda, 86 homes, 3 community centres and 3 schools have been built. Through EIA, members have an opportunity to work side-by-side with Indigenous families who are members of a Guatemalan farmers’ cooperative, the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA), a grassroots organization working with Mayan farmers to improve their livelihoods.

  • In March 2015, Stephanie Vandewater (CIU/Calgary) was selected to participate in the Education in Action project, sponsored by PSAC’s Social Justice Fund. She kept a journal of her experiences to share with other members. 
  • Kristy Munns (Agriculture/Lethbridge) also participated on this trip and kept an ongoing log of her experiences via the Twitter account @activist_abroad. Read more about her experience and see photos on her Twitter feed (no account required).
  • From March 21 – April 4, 2014 Jen Botincan, a PSAC/UNDE member from Winnipeg, was selected to participate in PSAC’s Social Justice Fund delegation to Guatemala, which sent participants to Quixayá, San Lucas Toliman, Solola, located in the highlands to the east of Lake Atitlan. Jen wrote a series of blog entries about her experiences.
  • In December 2011, Rachel Albiez, a young worker from Lethbridge, Alberta traveled to Honduras and El Salvador to learn about union international solidarity programs. Rachel posted regular blog entries about her experiences in Central America. 

The PSAC Social Justice Fund is offering a sponsorship to four Young Workers for the 2016 delegation. If you know of a young member who would benefit from this opportunity, please forward the application to them.