Edmonton Young Worker’s Committee Meeting Minutes (November, 21, 2019 DRAFT)

The Edmonton Young Workers Committee helps to raise awareness on the issues young workers face. Check out these minutes!

Date: November 21 2019

Time: 6:00pm

Location: PSAC Edmonton RO

Meeting called by: Committee

Type of meeting: Busienss

Executive attendance: Adrian Nelson (President), Sabino Spagnuolo (VIce-President), Dennis Holmwood (Secretary)

Note taker: Dennis Holmwood

Staff Rep: Oneil Carilier – Regional Representative


Adrian called the meeting to order at approximately 6:00

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was adopted by consensus

Minutes of Last Meeting

Draft minutes of the 17 October 2019 meeting have been posted online. Members reviewed the minutes. They were approved by consensus.

Committee Finances

  • We are no longer having bank fees deducted.
  • Fees that were deducted should be returned.
  • No new spending reported in the month.

New Business

Outreach to City and Provincial Partners

  • Kristin Lacousiere, a YWC worker under PSAC, who is also a member of Civil Service Union (CSU) Local 52 attended to discuss the potential for collaboration between the Edmonton YWC and CSU 52’s youth committee.
  • provided some information about what CSU 52 is doing to attract young workers to become involved in their local. This includes hosting a pizza social and developing a survey to determine their members interests, demographics, work locations and classifications etc.
  • CSU 52’s youth will also be focusing on precarious work and
  • Some discussion was had about reaching out to local Students’ Unions, but topics for collaboration were not reached at this time.
  • We will look for opportunities to collaborate with CSU in 2020.

Political action objectives for remainder of 2019

  • The idea of a young worker focused Talking Union Basics (TUB) course was discussed.
  • Lengthy discussion occurred surrounding classification restructuring the employer will be engaging in related to the PA group. Discussed whether this would be something to look at as it would impact many young workers, but also that it might be at too large a scale for a local area committee.
  • Discussion had about developing a survey to send out to locals and components asking for demographics of the locals, specifically how many young workers there are and issues important to them.
  • It was decided that our focus at this time should be on developing a survey to gather this information.
  • Sabino and Kristen will develop some potential questions and look into options for hosting the survey. They will report back for the December meeting.
  • Goal is to send any survey out as soon as possible so it is not forgotten over the holidays.
  • The survey will be our action for the year.

Planning for December meeting and open house

  • Our final meeting of the year will be held during the PSAC committees open house in December.
  • We are planning for a short meeting so that our members can participate in the open house.

Update form PRC Young Worker Rep

  • Glen was in Regina last week for the PRC.
  • He reported several young-worker related proposals would be going forward to convention, related to holding regional and national young worker conferences.

Youth Shelter Donation

  • Our approved budget for the year included making a $500 donation to a youth shelter.
  • Dennis will look for options and report back at the December meeting.