Edmonton Young Worker’s Committee Meeting Minutes (February 11, 2019)

The Edmonton Young Workers Committee helps to raise awareness on the issues young workers face. Check out these minutes!   

Edmonton Young Workers Committee Minutes

February 11th, 2019

6:30 PM

In Attendance:

Adrienne Nelson, President

Sabino Spagnuolo, Vice-President

Dennis Holmwood, Secretary

Staff in Attendance:

Nina Babcook – Term Regional Representative

Called to Order 6:30 PM


Budgeting and Annual Planning Discussion:

Initial deposit from PSAC last year was $950

Year end account balance was: $398.50 as of December 31st. Current balance is $385.40.

-Currently paying approximately $13 in bank fees. Will ask Servus to change us to community account with no fees like what other committees have (Nina to follow up)

Sabino suggested that we hold our regular meetings at the Board and Brew (four annually) perhaps. 

-We can do an event at the labour day weekend. A BBQ was suggested but it was pointed out that Edmonton District Labour Council already hosts a BBQ that weekend. Committee will volunteer to assist at EDLC BBQ. 

-Discussion occurred around engaging youth. Sabino provided feedback he’d received from youth who had attended other meetings who felt too much time was spent on business rather than on issues specific to young workers.

-It’s important to identify events and activities that will engage youth – but that don’t come across as simply social events.


Review of Financial Transactions from 2018

–  Everything appeared to be in order to the committee. We’re ready to submit our documents for audit.


Developed proposed budget

-Budget to be submitted to REVP for approval was agreed to by consensus.

***Attached below is a copy of the approved year end financial statement and the proposed 2019 budget.