Edmonton RWC Mtg Minutes – Nov 12 2015

In attendance: Kim Haynes; Denise Davey; Marija Babic; Carm Chan; Dragana Ristivojevic; Darlene Lewis; Cindy Verner; Carisa David; Deb Basaraba; Nancy Johnson

Public service Alliance of Canada
Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee
General Meeting
Nov 12, 2015 PSAC Edmonton Regional Office
In attendance:
  • Kim Haynes Denise Davey Marija Babic Carm Chan
  • Dragana Ristivojevic Darlene Lewis Cindy Verner
  • Carisa David Deb Basaraba Nancy Johnson
1. Call to order:   Carisa David at 5:29 PM
2. Adoption of Agenda:
Accepted as presented by Carisa David
3. Approval of previous minutes:
-Approved by Carisa
4. Business arising from previous minutes:
-Sabrina Bedard to be paid for the money spend on the community garden, Denise to get receipts to Kim Haynes the following day, Kim will send them out to PSAC for payment
-Dragana: socks and Hats for women’s shelter, committed $800.00 from the budget. Dragana asked Darlene to go shopping with her to purchase the items. Deb mentioned that member’s might possibly like to make /knit some items to donate. It was mentioned to ask the locals to speak with members about donating hats, mitts, socks and toiletries for women and children.  Kim mentioned doing up boxes to place around the Garrison Base with a sign to donate the items we are looking for. Carisa to do up a letter to local presidents regarding this and there will be a drop box set up at the PSAC office for anything that comes in.  If we get an overwhelming response we will donate to more shelters. Collection date deadline is Dec 18, 2015 and delivery date set for Dec 21, 2015
-Project spread sheet update to be done by Denise and distributed.
-October was Women’s History month, there was an attempt to arrange a tea party in combination with kitchen table talk about child care for this event, but with the short notice and due to the elections it was tabled
-Nov25, 2015: Carisa want to have Perry Garvin give a speech at Canada Place regarding Violence against women.  Discussions around having it at Canada Place and the decision was not have it there due to logistics.  Consensus was made on having the date the 26th of Nov at the PSAC office and we will provide pizza and drinks.  Carisa will do up a letter to send to the locals which will be distributed through PSAC Regional Office.
-Wreath for Remembrance Day was laid at the Butter dome at the ceremony, it was line budgeted for $100.00; the wreath actually cost $167.50.  
Motion was brought forth from Deb Basaraba to adjust the budget line item from $100.00 to $157.50
2nd by: Denise Davey
No discussion
All in favor: carried.  
-Treasurer’s report deferred, balance is $3321.26
New Business
AFL Brunch Dec 6, $400.00 budgeted for this line item.  As suggested in the beginning of the year, names of all those that participated in a women’s committee meeting have their name put in for the draw.  Draw all the names and start from the first name and work our way through the people until we have 4 people that can attend. 
Motioned by: Kim Haynes
2nd by: Carisa David
All in favor: carried
The drawing of names will take place at the end of the meeting; members must be registered by the 20th of Nov 2015.  Kim Haynes and Denise Davey withdraw their names as they are on course and unable to attend.
Deb Basaraba spoke about the international day of community.  Touched on how the JAIL and BAIL is not something that should be encouraged from our locals as are the truth and reconciliation they found that what has happened to the aboriginal people is compared to genocide.  The percentage to date of aboriginal people incarcerated over other people in society is extremely high.  To this day the family members of the victims of the residential schools are still suffering and show the signs of neglect due to the parents being unable to cope with what happened to them.
Please promote and encourage coming to the aboriginal circle and promote Turtle Island.
The Friendship Center Movement is being held at the Stanley Milner Library; people can go and listen with an open heart.  This is to be posted on the PSAC website that the women’s committee is supporting this.
Round Table/Open Discussion
– School Garden was a success, Denise to do up a report and submit it to the RWC. 
– Cindy Verner suggested that we assist with making a dinner at the mustard seed in the future and it also helps with the community.  It was brought up that Timothy Hunt is a good future as this also helps the community.  Timothy Hunt is a good contact for this as he has been actively involved with the mustard seed.  Cindy to make some inquires before the next meeting and discussion about how over Christmas is not the best time as there are usually lots of volunteers during this time.
– Nancy Johnson spoke of going to Parliament Hill and they put dresses on parliament hill it made a big statement. PRC Committee meets on the 16, 17 and 18th.  The 4 priorities are 
1: Women in leadership
2: Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women
3: Domestic Violence at work
4: Child Care
How can women be safe in the work place if they are not safe at home- this is the theme for the UN in March 2016 in New York.  Women in Canada are not placing well in fact we placed badly, there was 555 women that went missing between 1989 and 2012 due to violence.
The National Human Rights Conference will be in Toronto March 24-28, 2017.  If you were at the last one there were issues with the resolutions if a person was in more than one equity seeking group.  Voting may be an issue also due to this. All resolutions must be put forward 6 months prior to the convention.  The chair of the Women’s Committee will automatically be a delegate. You must have attended 3 meetings with the past year to be eligible to attend.  They are looking for a theme so if you have any ideas, sent it to Johnson@psac.com also you can send to Kimpsac@gmail.com.  The information they have is from a survey done by CLC about “can work be safe when home isn’t” UNIFO have it now in their CA about violence at home.  Women are always the target of being bullied or abused
List of Names in Order of Drawing
Judy jones
Deb Basaraba
Dragana Ristivojevic
Brenda Skaman
Carisa David
Cindy Verner
Sabrina Bedard
Darlene Lewis
Lynn Richards
Chantal Favell-Rubenstahl
              Next Meeting Dec 10 at 5:30
Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM