Edmonton RWC Mtg Minutes (May 19 2010)

Present: Darlene Lewis, RWC Chair; Carisa David, UTE 30025; Bonnie Lo, CEIU 30851; Maria Do Rosario, CEIU 30851; Nina Kiviluoma, PRC EAC Rep.

Regional Women’s Committee

May 19, 2010


Darlene Lewis, RWC Chair

Carisa David, UTE 30025

Bonnie Lo, CEIU 30851

Maria Do Rosario, CEIU 30851

Nina Kiviluoma, PRC EAC Rep.

Meeting Called to Order by Sister Darlene Lewis

12.0 Agenda was adopted by consensus

12.1 Previous minutes were approved by consensus

12.2 Sister Bonnie Lo gave a verbal report on Finances. We have received our partial funding from REVP Robyn Benson in the amount of $500.00

12.3 Sister Nina Kiviluoma discussed the National Women’s Conference and reminded the RWC members of the deadlines for Registration and Resolutions

12.4 Sister Darlene Lewis discussed Tools for Schools and talked about what the goal was this year. The RWC wants to supply an entire school with one piece of supplies. Sister Nina Kiviluoma suggested that they contact the Social Justice Fund and submit a business case to get additional funding and send a Call Out Poster to all the Locals seeking donations.

12.5 As a Committee there was some discussion on what kind of resolutions we wanted to see come out of our RWC. Sister Darlene Lewis mentioned that Sister Robyn Benson suggested each RWC complete and submit 2 Resolutions to the Prairie Region Women’s Conference. Bullying in the workplace was and discussed as well as women being penalized on their superannuation when they are on Compassionate Care Leave or Maternity Leave. We also suggested that we do a resolution that changes the voting process at convention.

12.6 Sister Bonnie Lo was selected as the Delegate to the National Women’s Conference through consensus. Sister Carisa David was selected as the Delegate to the Prairie Region Women’s Conference through consensus.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05pm