Edmonton RWC Mtg Minutes – Mar 4 2014

In attendance: Darlene Lewis, Chair; Lynn Richards, Vice-Chair; Jhumpa Mohapatra, Secretary; Bhupinder Johal; Dragana Ristivojevic; Carm Chan, PSAC Regional Representative

Minutes from the March 4, 2014 Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee meeting.

In attendance:
Darlene Lewis, Chair
Lynn Richards, Vice-Chair
Jhumpa Mohapatra, Secretary
Bhupinder Johal 
Dragana Ristivojevic
 Carm Chan, PSAC Regional Representative 

Darlene Charuk, VP
Nancy Johnson, Women’s Rep. for Prairie Region Council

Meeting was called to order at 5.30 pm.

Planning Session 

This was the planning session of the Edmonton women’s committee after the new executive was formed. Sister Nancy Johnson gave an overview of the PSAC Prairie Region Funding and Reporting procedures and a handout detailing the procedures was also distributed. Nancy suggested that a minutes template be created and the meetings be numbered so that we can ensure that RWCs meet their active committee status(must hold minimum of 4 meetings to be considered committee in good standing). She also suggested we capture the bank statement (balance as of date) in every minutes.

Planning for International Women’s Day

It was decided that cupcakes will be distributed among members at Canada Place and Meadowlark and two books be given out as part of a lucky draw contest on March 7. PSAC clapper/slap fans with the theme ‘PSAC Works for Women’ and copies of a congratulatory letter from Sister Marianne Hladun (REVP) on the occasion of International Women’s Day were to be given out as well. Darlene offered to pick up the books, Olivia Chow’s autobiography, ‘My Journey’, and Carm said she will deliver the cakes. Darlene had earlier contacted “Changing Together” for a calendar of their events but was yet to hear back from her contact, Nasima.

2013 Financial Statement

All submissions must be received in the REVP office no later than March 15. Nancy said the financial reporting package should include completed audit form, 12 bank statements, contact list of executive, copies of all minutes, last year’s budget, budget for new year and financial statement. Prior to submission the committee must have their financial records audited by members. Darlene and Dragana volunteered to do the audit at Canada Place.

Budget for new year

The committee came up with a budget proposal indicating their actions for the upcoming year. Funds were earmarked for events like Remembrance Day, Women’s Day, guest speakers and educational events. The committee plans to come up with a calendar of events and ask locals for volunteers.

Material distributed:

Carm distributed contact list of executive members and handouts on the roles and responsibilities of Regional Women’s Committees, 16 reasons to Stop Harper as part of “Women are All Affected” campaign and a United Way event on Labour Poverty Simulation.

Meeting adjourned 7.30 pm. Next meeting on April 29.