Edmonton RWC Mtg Minutes – Jun 22 2016

In Attendance: Charmaine Nelson , Chair; Deborah Basaraba; Darlene Lewis, Vice Chair; Kim Cardinal; Kim Haynes, Treasurer; Patty Jessome; Dragana Ristivojevic, Secretary; Chelsea Keys; Nina Babcook, A/Regional PSAC Rep; Lorelei Noble

In Attendance: Charmaine Nelson Chair Deborah Basaraba Darlene Lewis Vice Chair Kim Cardinal Kim Haynes Treasurer Patty Jessome Dragana Ristivojevic Secretary Chelsea Keys Nina Babcook A/Regional PSAC Rep Lorelei Noble

1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Charmaine at 5:40 pm. All sisters introduced themselves and identified which component they represented.

2. Approval of Agenda: Kim Haynes motioned to approve the minutes. Everybody okayed.

3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and approved with the changes. Roles and Responsibilities were passed out. Deb requested that this be on our agenda at our next meeting. However, if the committee feels that we should make changes we should be asking for advise and input from both Nancy Johnson or Gloria Kelly the Prairie Region Rep. The Women’s committee is the only committee that has no bylaws and works on consensus. Budget proposals need to be forwarded to the Finance Committee. Reports:

4.1 Chairperson’s Report – Charmaine stated there was nothing to report but was happy that many of the sisters attended the Women’s Conference. The feedback from the sisters that had attended the Women’s Conference were very happy that they attended this event; fun; the women were awesome and it was very inspirational.

4.2 Treasurer’s Report – Kim Haynes stated that there was no change to the financial report. We currently have $1782.15 and $700 was from donations from last year for the Tools for Schools. She suggested that we spend it this year. Darlene questioned Kim as to why no Financial Report has been available at each of our meetings. This is per Marianne Hladun and Nancy Johnston’s instructions.

4.3 Other Committee Reports – There was nothing to report. Previous Business:

5.1 Community Garden – Charmaine had contacted the school during their conversation they stated that it was to wet to plant and possibly the following week would be better for planting. However, the school did plant their garden with the students. The school still wants to keep in contact with our Committee but also requests that their school remains anonymous. We will refer to this school as an “Inner School”. They requested that we water the garden when the school was closed for the summer break. Last year, we did water the garden and the key to their gate was kept at the PSAC office. Chelsea suggested that we buy a hose that has holes in it. Weeding also needs to be done. Volunteers who want to do the watering are Kim Cardinal, Kim Haynes, Patty Jessome, Darlene Lewis and Deborah Basaraba. Nina obtained a quote from an unionized company where these stickers are weatherproof. There would be a $45.00 fee for the graphics; 10 stickers would cost $10.00. The more we order the price would be reduced. Nina will bring a sample of the sticker to our next meeting. It was suggested that we set up a committee for next year’s garden in September. Patty will head the Garden Committee. Kim Cardinal could possibly get dirt from her parent’s farm.

5.2 Tools for School. We all agreed that we need to find a school “In Need” from the inner city. We will not be buying backpacks. All children should receive the same supplies. Nina will be looking into cost of bulk buying. The supplies could be delivered directly to the school or at the PSAC office. We will be requesting donations for our Locals. We could have supplies shipped to a school in Cold Lake. A photo opportunity should be set up.

5.3 Signing Authority. This is still a problem. There are no AGM Minutes available showing the new elected Executive who will be having signing authority. Kim will check with Denise for those minutes. Round Table: Deb has information that she would like to share with the committee on identifying violence and will provide us with toll free numbers where they will assess the risks. Deb recommends that a committee to be set up for kitchen table on child care issues.
Kim Haynes stated that the Edmonton Area Council will be holding a brunch at City Hall. Executives of the committees and Locals will be invited to the brunch.
Nina suggested that we hold a Women’s Conference on December 06, 2016. It will be based on 30 sisters from Alberta. There will be a selection process. This conference could be a day or day and a half. The budget needs to be done first. We need to look at speakers, handouts, etc. The second day would be our action date where we could incorporate Darlene’s project as well. Where we would have framed pictures of the murdered women along with a silk rose positioned on a tablecloth. Charmaine will head this conference.

Further discussions to be discussed at our next committee meeting scheduled for July 06, 2016.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:25 pm.