Edmonton RWC Mtg Minutes – Jun 18 2015

In attendance: Lynn Richards; Denise Davey; Marija Babic; Kim Haynes; Dragana Ristivojevic; Carm Chan; Deb Basaraba; Brenda Skayman

Public service Alliance of Canada
Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee
General Meeting
June 18, 2015 PSAC Edmonton Regional Office
In attendance:
Lynn Richards Denise Davey Marija Babic
Kim Haynes Dragana Ristivojevic Carm Chan
Deb Basaraba Brenda Skayman

1. Call to order: Dragana at 5:45 PM

2. Adoption of previous minutes:
-spelling corrections made
-Denise Davey motion to accept minutes and accepted, seconded by Lynn Richards

3. Business arising from previous minutes
-Piggy backing with Edmonton Human Rights committee for the Aboriginal women’s walk .
-Denise Spoke with Murray Pruden re the aboriginal walk and information passed forward.
-Spreadsheets for the RWC projects done by Denise, handed out to all in attendance
-no information as to date on child care kitchen table campaign
-The left over potatoes were split between Mother Teresa School and John A McDougall School
4. Correspondence
-Carisa and Dragana went to the pride parade and participated

-June we received a check for $1300.00 and it was deposited we have a total of $3563.32
Chair Absent
Vice Chair
-Mother’s day BBQ, Marija, Carm, Darlene Lewis and Sabrina Bedard were present
New Business
-Garden to be watered by the women’s committee during the summer months. Marija and Carm offered to help as they are downtown.
-A thank you letter to be drafted from Deb Basaraba thanking those who donated to the Community Garden Project, this will be sent out by her after approval
-Tabled Inspirational Speaker to next meeting as Carissa is absent
-AFL funding for Tools for Schools, must send out a letter addressed to them personally and they may be able to assist. This letter will be emailed to Brenda Skayman and she will bring it up at the next AFL meeting next week.3
-Path of Light- volunteer’s needed but need to come with your heart, Debra spoke of what is expected with this truth and reconciliation walk. Deb spoke of how listening is needed to assist with the healing and also giving those sisters a voice
-we need to remember to celebrate gains and successes
-help will be needed after the BBQ for clean up

Round Table
Carm: Kitchen Table Campaign on child care, are we doing anything?
-there were discussions on this coming out of a different budget.
Brunch at Library for the speaker, one lady that we may be able to get information from is Andrea Cote
-getting a school from the united way for the Tools for Schools, the contact is Perry Garvin
Carm and Marija have sent out emails to all the local presidents to see if they can release phone numbers and names, they will let us know of any responses.
-Deb is going to approach Carisa about getting an inspirational speaker on a Saturday, it was approved in the budget for light lunch or tea
-no email can go to Dragana or Carisa at work as they are being watched

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM