Edmonton RWC Mtg Minutes – Jul 20 2016

In Attendance: Charmaine Nelson, Chair; Gulnar Dhalwani; Darlene Lewis, Vice Chair; Patty Jessome; Kim Haynes, Treasurer (phone) ; Dragana Ristivojevic, Secretary; Nina Babcook , A/Regional PSAC Rep

In Attendance:
Charmaine Nelson Chair Gulnar Dhalwani
Darlene Lewis Vice Chair Patty Jessome
Kim Haynes Treasurer (phone)
Dragana Ristivojevic Secretary
Nina Babcook A/Regional PSAC Rep

Deborah Basaraba Chelsea Keys
Kim Cardinal Lorelei Noble
Karoline Klug A/Regional PSAC Rep

5.1 Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Charmaine at 5:30 pm. All sisters introduced themselves and identified which component they represented.
5.2 Approval of Previous Minutes: Charmaine motioned to approve to accept the previous minutes. All agreed to accept the minutes.
5.3 Conference: Three budgets were presented for the planned conference in December, 2016 to the committee. Budget 1 was voted in unanimously by all and will be forwarded to Marianne Hladun for approval and for funding of this proposed conference. It was agreed that we will add an additional $1,200 to Accommodation in our budget, in order for 8 Edmonton steering committee members to stay overnight at the hotel (one night). This would strengthen our bond as a committee and we would be available in case our invited sisters needed our support. The theme for our conference will be “Domestic Violence in the Workplace”
Suggestions of possible panel speakers at our conference are the following: Maria Fitzpatrick, MLA from Lethbridge who was a former PSAC member who held the position of REVP in the Atlantic region; Jan Reimer, who works with domestic violence against women and an excellent speaker; Marianne Hladun; Gloria Kelly and Patty Jessome (feels comfortable as one of the speakers); Deb Kosteniuk (the Chair of the Calgary Women’s Committee) as well as an Elder should be invited as well. We need to have a keynote speaker for both days. An Elder will open and close the conference. Offering of the tobacco to the Elder is a must. Darlene will get tobacco.
Patty volunteered to contact Jan Reimer and Maria Fitzpatrick to see their availability and if they would be our guest speakers. Gulnar will try to get the name of the Elder who was at the Alumni held at Grant McEwan. Darlene will contact Perry Garvin for other possible speakers. We should choose 2 panelists from the community and 2 from our group.
On Day 1 we could have two panelists speaking and then we could break into smaller groups. After the kitchen table conversations, the panelists could come up and discuss what was discussed at the kitchen table. A silent auction would be scheduled in the evening.
On Day 2 we could have a “Labour History Workshop what had happened on December 06, 2015. We could provide supplies to create a candle for the women in attendance and they would bring this candle to the vigil.
We need to arrange to have a “space room”. We as a committee need to be alert and provide support for women who find these topics to be difficult. Nina will investigate to see how it was arranged at the Winnipeg Conference.
The vigil on December 06th could possibly be held in Churchill Square at 5:30 pm. Darlene will investigate with the City of Edmonton’s bylaws whether we are allowed to have candles or electronic tea lights at the Square.
All of the findings should be E-mailed to Charmaine.
5.4 Tools for School: This will the 10 Year Anniversary for Tools for School. We should be sending pictures to our Bargaining Team to show our support. We need to wait in the middle of August in order for one of the teachers to provide us with a school list. Parents are electronically ordering the supplies. We will need to know if and how many parents have already ordered electronically. Supplies go into a communal pot. Patty will send contact info to the teacher to obtain a school supply list for the grades.
5.5 Treasurer’s Report: No Financial Report was presented to the Committee.
5.6 Signing Authority: No update
Round Table: Nothing
Next Meeting – Thursday August 25, 2016. Nina will be providing food for this meeting. Charmaine will be bringing a birthday cake for Gulnar.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:00 pm.