Edmonton RWC Mtg Minutes (Dec 21 2010)

Present: Darlene Lewis, NHU 30016; Jacey Wilson, NAT 30067; Maria do Rosario, CEIU 30851; Nina Kiviluoma, UNDE 30903; Diana Meabry, NHU 30016; Carisa David, UTE 30025; Jo Chelick, UTE 30025; Elaine Alt, NHU 30016; Betty Sheppard, NHU 30016; Charylyn Shewchuk, UEW 50135; Tamara Kozlowska, CEIU 30851

Regional Women’s Committee

December 21, 2010 – AGM at The Creperie


Darlene Lewis, NHU 30016

Jacey Wilson, NAT 30067

Maria do Rosario, CEIU 30851

Nina Kiviluoma, UNDE 30903

Diana Meabry, NHU 30016

Carisa David, UTE 30025

Jo Chelick, UTE 30025

Elaine Alt, NHU 30016

Betty Sheppard, NHU 30016

Charylyn Shewchuk, UEW 50135

Tamara Kozlowska, CEIU 30851


Meeting Called To Order: At 5:40 pm

Adoption of Agenda: Adoption of agenda

Review Minutes of last AGM meeting: Verbally. Tabled til next General Meeting

Chairs Report – Darlene Lewis (Attached)

Treasurers Report – Bonnie Lo: Currently Balance is $4,657

Loss of Salaries for Dec. 6 for Bonnie Lo ($$$)

Tools for Schools Donation

Daycare/Speaker for Woman Workshop on Pensions

1 member to PSAC Convention (partially funded maybe)

Vice President – Tamara Kozlowska

Newly Elected Executive for RWC:

President: Darlene Lewis

Vice President: Tamara Kozlowska

Treasurer: Bonnie Lo

Secretary: Elaine Alt

Round Table:

Meeting was adjourned at 6:10 pm