Edmonton RWC Minutes – May 6 2015

In attendance: Sabrina Bedard; Denise Davey; Marija Babic; Dragana Ristivojevic; Darlene Lewis; Lynn Richards; Carisa David; Deb Basaraba; Chantelle Favell-Rubenstahl

Public service Alliance of Canada
Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee
General Meeting
May 6, 2015 PSAC Edmonton Regional Office
In attendance:
Sabrina Bedard Denise Davey Marija Babic
Dragana Ristivojevic Darlene Lewis Lynn Richards
Carisa David Deb Basaraba Chantelle Favell-Rubenstahl
1. Call to order: Carisa David at 5:40 PM

2. Adoption of Agenda:
Accepted as presented by Deb Basaraba, 2nd by Lynn Richards

3. Approval of previous minutes:
-Spelling errors picked up for Carisa David as her name was spelled at time with 2 ss instead of one. Corrections made and the minutes were adopted by Denise Davey and 2nd by Dragana Ristivojevic

4. Business arising from previous minutes:
-Dates for the planting, May 23/24 for the rototilling and planting of the garden.
-will require the watering cans, stickers from PSAC to put on them, soil, seeds.
-Denise to call the school to arrange the dates and get a confirmation
-Denise and Sabrina will follow up with each other regarding the seeds and soil
-Denise to purchase the seeds and watering cans. To be reimbursed by the committee.
-Denise will set up times with Kim for the rototilling.
-Denise to do up another letter to send to Carisa for approval to solicit for supplies to companies.
-Yellow bibs form PSAC downtown is what we will be wearing that day of planting.

Letter given to us from Carisa to solicit the locals for a minimum $200.00 donation for Tools for Schools

-Drop off box at the PSAC office downtown for any shampoos, conditioners, etc. that people gather from hotel rooms when traveling, this will be donated to the women’s shelters in Edmonton at a later date.
-hats, mittens and socks for the women’s shelters will be gathering at a later date.
-we will address it again at our next meeting.

-Aboriginal Women’s conference: May 25-27 at River Cree has been postponed

-EAC: 19-20 June

-Carisa to head the inspirational speakers on child care and human trafficking, this is been tabled to the next meeting due to time constraints

– Deb brought forward that Jan Rimer would be a great person to speak about human trafficking

-Treasurer’s report: tabled to the next meeting as the Treasurer Kim Haynes was unable to attend
-Chair’s report: nothing to pass on
-Vice Chair’s report: nothing at this time

New Business
1) Aboriginal women’s walk, are we participating
-yes we would like to piggyback with the Edmonton Human Rights committee for Aboriginal day walk which is on June 20th.
-Denise will contact Murray Pruden to get any information and see what we can contribute.
– All in agreement: unanimous
2) Can we get the action items in a table format (spreadsheet) so it’s easier to follow?
-Denise will put them in a spreadsheet and email all participants.
3) GLBT are doing something on June 6, are we participating
– Some are able to but are not available during that time.

Round Table
Marija: Kitchen Table Campaign on child care, maybe we can do this as part of the childcare action item
Denise: Andree Cote is a person with a lot of knowledge on the childcare issue.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM