Edmonton RWC Minutes – Feb 11 2015

In attendance: Sabrina Bedars, Denise Davey, Judy Jones, Claudette McGee, Cathy Thomas, Sarah Howath, Brenda Skayman, Dragana Ristivojevic, Kim Haynes, Emily Archer, Lynn Richards, Carisa David, Meraiah Morison, Nancy Johnson, Tamara Wilton, Marija Babic, Carm Chan

 Public Service Alliance of Canada
 Edmonton Regional Women’s Committe
General Meeting
February 11, 2015 PSAC Edmonton Regional Office
In attendance:
  • Sabrina Bedars Denise Davey Judy Jones Claudette McGee
  • Cathy Thomas Sarah Howath Brenda Skayman Dragana Ristivojevic
  • Kim Haynes Emily Archer Lynn Richards Carisa David
  • Meraiah Morison Nancy Johnson Tamara Wilton Marija Babic
  • Carm Chan
  • Deborah Basaraba Liz Richards Sylvie Peterson Maureen Silver
  • Tammy Detta
1. Call to order: Nancy Johnson
2. RWC Roles & Responsibilities: Nancy gave an overview of the roles & responsibilities of the RWC committee; Requirements as per PSAC By-laws; examples of RWC activities that have taken place across the country; RWC make decisions on a consensus basis, except for financial expenditures as the committee pass a motion; referred members to Prairies web site for information on PRC and committees.
3. Elections: Nancy passed Chair to  Carm Chan to conduct elections
Chair of RWC:
Brenda Skayman nominated Carisa David; seconded by Kathy Thomas
Emily Archer nominated Tamara Wilton; seconded by Denise Davey
Judy Jones nominated Denise Davey; seconded by Tamara Wilton
Elected: Carissa David 
Vice Chair of RWC:
Kim Haynes nominated Denise Davey; seconded by Tamara Wilton
Emily Archer nominated Tamara Wilton; seconded by Judy Jones
Brenda Skayman nominated Dragana Ristivojevic; seconded by Carisa David  
Elected: Dragana Ristivojevic 
Emily Archer nominated Tamara Wilton; seconded by Carisa David
Denise Davey nominated Kathy Thomas; seconded by Lynn Richards
Dragana Ristivojevic nominated Denise Davey; seconded by Tamara Wilton
Lynn Richards declined nomination
Elected: Denise Davey
Emily Archer nominated Tamara Wilton; seconded by Denise Davey
Dragana Ristivojevic nominated Kim Haynes; seconded by Kathy Thomas
Judy Jones nominated Brenda Skayman; seconded by Sarah Howath
Tamara declined nomination
Elected: Kim Haynes
Motion to destroy ballots by Claudette McGee; seconded by Tamara Wilton
Chair passed back to Nancy: Nancy congratulated new executive and advised them they have a lot of people resources: herself, Marianne Hladun and the Edmonton Regional office. Also thanked the members that have been included over the years for their contributions. Nancy suggested that the committee had a planning session in the very near future and focus on one or two activities for the year. Advised membership of the requirement to have financial information ie. Budget into Marianne before March 15th.
Kim Haynes asked if any members at the meeting had objections to their home e-mails on the sign in sheet being shared with all in attendance. No objections were raised.
4. Round Table:
Kim: asked the members at the table for ideas for their planning meeting.
Ideas shared: Child/Elder Care
                          Human Trafficking
Missing Aboriginal Women 
5. Next meeting date: Executive will have their planning meet on February 18th, 5:15 p.m. at the PSAC RO. 
6. Adjournment: 6:15 p.m.