Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (October 22, 2020)

The Regional Women’s Committee is a focal point for mobilizing women members. The RWC informs, educates and empowers women within their union and their community. Check out these minutes for current activities and actions. 

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)

Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee

General Meeting

October, 22 2020 PSAC Edmonton RO

In attendance:
Kim Cardinal, Chair
Patty Lou Jessome, Vice Chair
Corie McGaughey, Secretary
Heather Poitras, member

Denise Gugel, Treasurer
Carm Chan, PSAC Representative
Deb Bassaraba, member

  1. Welcome to all / Call to Order / Harassment Statement: Kim Cardinal called the meeting to order at 5:40pm and welcomed everyone.
  2. This Agenda – Adoption: Kim requested adoption of the agenda – Consensus approved.
  3. Posting of March 3, 2020 Meeting Minutes: Kim asked Corie if the September meeting minutes have been posted to PSAC website yet. Corie advised she has some corrections to make and then she will send them to Nina to post.
  4. Treasurer’s report: Data not accessible as both our Committee Treasurer and PSAC Representative are absent for this meeting.
  5. Events/Projects for 2020 RWC Committee and Budget Plan

Event/Project Details Est. Cost Dates
5.1 Visual Artistic Journal Venue: Virtual Venue TBD

Theme: The Power of the Matriarch

Speakers: Heather Poitras

• Female Indigenous Teachings by Heather
• Journaling tied into Teachings
• VAJ share and discussion

Supplies: Will offer reimbursement for supplies as well as accommodations

Event Advertisement:
• Patty Lou to create poster Event – 2020-11-28 @1-4pm MST
5.2 Fund Raiser Sucker Creek Emergency Women’s Shelter

Kim advised Carm can provide us the contact list for the local’s for calling out. Kim, Patty Lou and Corie all offered to make calls.

• Poster – Patty Lou
• Call presidents and forward package – Kim, Patty Lou and Corie

Deadline: December 31, 2020 Advertisement – YYYY-MM-DD

Donations – 2020-12-31
5.3 Lobbying / participate
Child Care Campaign – Committee decided to put campaign on hold for new year. More information to come from Carm.

  1. Action Items

Who What
Nina / Carm Item 3 – Kim advised minutes from June 2019 are posted. Said committee will collaboratively draft March meeting minutes so we can get them posted. Kim will request a copy of the sign in sheet for the March meeting. Then she will recirculate the agenda for that meeting and ask the attendees to contribute any pertinent details they can recall for each item. The committee decided to review the information together at the next meeting and collaboratively draft minutes based on the information provided from the attendees.
Committee Members Item 5.2 – VAJ event – In Planning stages
Corie Item 5.3 – To speak with Sucker Creek on what they would be looking for donations
Patty Lou/Carm Item 5.4.1 – Sucker Creek – Local list can be shared outside of the office. Patty Lou is working on poster.
Carm Item 5.4.1 – Child Care Campaign – Committee decided to put campaign on hold for new year. More information to come from Carm.
Corie Item 5.4.2 – Reached out to Karoline Klug on October 16, 2020, in regards to the Northern Alberta Education Forum and if they plan to hold more Domestic Violence Awareness Sessions. She has not heard back yet.
Kim 5.6 – Committee Smudge & Meditation – Kim offered to provide Sage to committee members if they would like some.
Patty Lou 6.1.1 – Pekiwewin Camp for the homeless – Patty Lou advised she has not heard back from Pekiwewin Camp contacts. Heather advised she has some contacts she can put Patty Lou into contact with.
Kim 6.2 – VAJ event – Heather said she preferred to use Zoom as virtual venue. Kim said she would check with PSAC to see if that could be arranged.

  1. New Business:
    7.1. AFL Community Action
    Patty Lou said she signed up for the AFL’s Community Action Team, and attended one of their virtual meetings where she learned about the Community Action Pumpkins (CAP). Advised in light of the Halloweens seasons, AFL is encouraging Albertans to carve political demands into pumpkins and either put them on your front step and/or leave it on your MLA’s office door step. Said they are also encouraging Albertans to take pictures of their Community Action Pumpkins and sharing them on social media. Encouraged committee members to participate. Kim recommended we also share with other by word of mouth.
  2. Round Table:
    8.1. Patty Lou – So excited to be back in to action with the committee! Thanked Heather and said she is really looking forward to her teachings.
    8.2. Heather – Thanked Kim for inviting her to be a part of this. Looking forward to facilitating for the committee.
    8.3. Corie – Excited to be back in action too! Looking forward to the virtual VAJ.
    8.4. Kim – Said she has been reaching out to her PSAC network to promote the RWC and the impacts we make. Hoping to garner more support and turnout at meetings. Encouraged committee to do the same. Kim also thanked everyone for coming.
  3. Next meeting date, time and location: November 19, 2020 via web conference.
  4. Kim adjourned the meeting at 6:40p.m.