Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (October 17, 2019)

The Regional Women’s Committee is a focal point for mobilizing women members. The RWC informs, educates and empowers women within their union and their community. Check out these minutes for current activities and actions.    

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
Edmonton Regional Women’s Sub-Committee
Sub-committee on Lobbying MLAs and MPs on Universal Affordable Childcare
September 17, 2019          
PSAC Edmonton RO

In attendance: 

Kim Cardinal:
Denise Gugel
Corie McGaughey
Patty Jessome
April Lalonde
Lenore Dilts


Cory Barkley
Carla Blois
Denise Davey

PSAC Staff:

Carm Chan, Regional Rep


Charmaine Nelson

Purpose of the meeting: To lobby Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs).

Elections for alternates to National Women’s Committee in Ottawa:

Chair of the committee will go as per consensus of the committee.

2 Alternates will be voted: The following members of the committee were put into a draw as alternates to the convention.

  • Carla Blois
  • April Lalonde
  • Denise Davey
  • Lenore Dilts
  • Corie McGaughey
  • Corrie Barkley
  • Denise Gugel

Patty drew names: Corie and Carla were drawn as alternates.

Lobby Action Plan:

  1. MLAs to Lobby: Denise Davey will book the appointments (as streamlined as possible) and map out the travel routes. We are hoping to see 3 or 4 a day, if possible.
  2. People willing to talk: April, Patty, Lenore, Denise Davey.
    Alternate speakers: Corie, Cory, Denise Gugel.
  3. People who can bring children: Kim, Denise, April, Lenore, Corey, Corrie. And will reach out to friends to come and join us with their children.
  4. Media: Thomas Linner, PSAC Regional Political Communications Officer will do the media call out. PSAC will let him know (not in actions).
  5. Call out to members who took the lobby training: PSAC will send email and ask if they would like to join us.
  6. Research MLAs: Lobbyers to research their MLA find out where they stand on childcare, if they have children, etc.
  7. Script: PSAC to supply relevant talking notes for lobbying on Nov. 7th.
  8. Call to lobbyers: Kim will collect the names and numbers of the lobbyers and advise them of the schedule for that week along with any changes to lobbying days. *Men, friends and family are welcome to join us.
  9. More time required: Continue working on the childcare lobbying at our next regular meeting on Nov. 7.


Carla: I will do my best to get down (from GP) and help out with the lobbying.

Corrie B: Passed

Denise Davey: Thank you everyone for all your help. I will put the information together once I have received.

Corie M: I’m really pumped great to see everyone engaged.

April: I am super excited and very passionate about this topic. I am wondering about lobby training, referred to PSAC.

Lenore: I will reach out to people to come and invite people to the lobbying day.

Denise: I’m super excited to be part of this and look forward to it.

Patty: Passed

Kim: Looking forward to lobbying and am very excited about it.

Kim adjourned the meeting at 6:55
Next Meeting: Nov. 7th at the PSAC RO

Who (name)


When (item #)


Send Denise postal codes

Done, Oct. 19


Make appointments with MLAs and plan map route

Nov. 7


Call out to Lobbyers

When applicable

Lenore / April

Will reach out to friends, family for more support

When applicable


Reach out to Morna