Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (December 5, 2019)

The Regional Women’s Committee is a focal point for mobilizing women members. The RWC informs, educates and empowers women within their union and their community. Check out these minutes for current activities and actions. 

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee
General Meeting
December, 5 2019           
PSAC Edmonton RO

In attendance: 

Kim Cardinal, Chair            
Denise Gugel, Treasurer
Patty Jessome, Secretary
Corie McGaughey, Member
Deb Basaraba, Member
Caitlin Fortier, Member
Denise Davey, Member
Heather Rawlins, Member
Carla Blois, Member

PSAC Staff:

Carm Chan, PSAC Representative


Charmaine Nelson, Co-Chair

  1. Welcome to all / Call to Order / Harassment Statement – Welcome to new members: Kim Cardinal called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm. Deb Basaraba read the Harassment Statement. 
  2. This Agenda – Adoption: Deb Basaraba requested clarification on items 5&6. Corie McGaughey requested 7.1 be struck from the agenda. Deb Basaraba requested item 7.2 be updated to “Domestic Violence In the Work Place – PSAC Training for Site Advocates”. Agenda approved by consensus with edits to item 7.
  3. Posting of November 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes: Carm Chan spoke with Nina Babcook regarding why minutes didn’t post. Said due to administrative corrections to 5.2. Patty advised the September 3, 2019 minutes are now finalized. 
  4. Treasurer’s report: Presented by treasurer Denise Gugel.
    Balance, December 5, 2019: $1475.25 Kim Cardinal asked if anyone had questions about the financials – consensus was no.
  5. Events / projects – Review of 2019 planned events and projects: The committee discussed what worked and what needs improvements for the coming year. A copy of planned events were provided under separate cover.
    1. VAJ Event: Kim requested feedback from the group regarding whether we want to see more VAJ in the New Year and if so, how many sessions? Patty Jessome said she really enjoyed the VAJ sessions. Recommend 2 VAJ sessions for the New Year. Denise Gugel recommended 4 VAJ events if we could arrange for different speakers at each event to garner more recruits. Corie McGaughey recommended 2 VAJ sessions  
    2. Recruitment Brochure – Prepared by Patty Jessome: Patty Jessome suggested we seize more opportunities to circulate Brochures. Kim Cardinal advised that she thought there was a cost, however PSAC covers it. The group talked about recruitment opportunities and how to garner more support for the Committee. 
    3. Child Care Campaign:
      1. Lobby Event – Born out of RWC Conference: Group briefly discussed challenges surrounding this event. Denise Davey advised another budget is coming up.
      2. Game of Life: Kim Cardinal advised the subcommittee will meet next on December 18, 2019 at 6 p.m. Corie McGaughey raised concerns surrounding the challenges the committee was facing with getting this project off the ground. Requested clarification with respect to who was assisting on the subcommittee. Kim Cardinal advised she would like to do another call out for recruitment for the GOL subcommittee. Carm Chan recommended the group reduce the number of projects we take on for the year so we can do them well.
    4. Terra Centre – For School for unwed mothers: Kim Cardinal advised the Terra Centre has various initiatives to support unwed mothers. Talked about taking on the garden again in the New Year. Caitlyn Fortier requested that it be more of a joint effort between the Terra Centre clients and RWC.
    5. Walk A Mile In Her Shoes: Consensus was to keep that event on our RWC calendar for those who could partake.
    6. International Women’s Day: Consensus was to keep IWD in mind in our planning for the New Year.
    7. Remembrance Day: Kim Cardinal reminded the group we have 2 spots to present a wreath on behalf of all PSAC Committees. Denise Gugel recommended that anyone who attends Remembrance Day Ceremonies can acknowledge they are representing RWC. Carm Chan advised we can also ask our respective locals to sponsor funding for tickets to join events. 
  6. Old Business:
    1. Team Group Outing – Update on the CLIFF night: Consensus amongst the attendees was it was an educational and positive team building outing.
  7. New Business:
    1. Domestic Violence in The Work Place – PSAC Training for Site Advocates: Deb Basaraba facilitated a micro presentation from the PSAC Domestic Violence in the Work Place training in November. Corie McGaughey advised she also attended the training and recommended others sign up when it is offered again by PSAC. 
  8. Actions:
Who (name) What (are they doing) When (item #) Date Completed
Caitlin Fortier Create agenda for Game of Life subcommittee meeting and send to Kim Cardinal November 11, 2020 Completed

9. Next meeting date: TDB (Decided after PSAC Committees AGM in January 2020)

10. Roundtable:

  • Carm Chan – Prioritize the best you can            
  • Denise Gugel – Summaries have been shared with everything RWC has done
  • Patty Jessome – had to leave early
  • Corie McGaughey – Will bring book for Elizabeth to December 10th event for others to sign
  • Deb Bassaraba – Passed
  • Caitlin Fortier – Passed
  • Denise Davey – Had to leave early
  • Heather Rawlins – Interesting first meeting 
  • Carla Bloise – Looking forward to signing up for the Domestic Violence In The Work Place training  
  • Kim Cardinal – Thanked everyone

11. Meeting adjourned: Kim adjourned the meeting at 7:30 pm.