Edmonton Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (October 13, 2022)

The Human Rights Committee discuss issues and plan events relating to PSAC’s Indigenous, Persons With Disabilities, LGBTQ2+ and Racially Visible caucus members. Check out these minutes for current actions and events!

Edmonton Human Rights Committee MEETING

13 October 2022 @1830 Zoom/In Person

In attendance:
Charmaine Nelson, Chair (In-person)
Devina Hari, Vice Chair
Kim Cardinal, USGE 30168
Carol Morrison, CEIU 30851
Kathy Ajram, PRC Rep
Steve Sukhbir, PRC Rep
Tim Hubick, PRC Rep
Kim Cardinal, USJE 30168
Madeline Lee, CEIU 30851
Man Van Lee, CEIU 30876 (In-person)
Jessica Burylo, UNE 30115 (In-person)

PSAC Staff:
Carm Chan, PSAC Representative

Stella Parker, HR Committee Treasurer


  1. Welcome to all / Call to Order / Land Acknowledgement / Harassment Statement
    Land acknowledgement made sincerely by Charmaine
    Anti Harassment statement read by Charmaine.
    Carm will act as anti-harassment coordinator for this event. Ph:780-423-1290
  2. Agenda – Adoption:
    Adoption of previous minutes were reached by consensus.
    Changes, Additions, adoption of today’s Agenda. Reached by consensus with no changes or additions.
  3. Treasurer’s report:
    Financial report as given by Charmaine: August 2022 opening balance (most recent statement available at that time) = $2,153.26 with no expenditures or funds received. Common Shares = $81.25
  4. Recap of previous committee events:
    • Charmaine and Carrol attended an Indigenous event at West Edmonton Mall. It featured pow-wow dancers of several varieties, Indigenous musical artists, and singers.
    • The committee had planned to attend the PRIDE festival at Churchill Square in June, as volunteers at the gate of the beer gardens, to ensure that people do not leave the venue with open alcohol. We were going to have our PSAC banner with us, and hand out Pride swag. Unforeseen circumstances resulted in our having to cancel our participation in this event.
  5. New business
    • We must request permission to use our existing funds for activities the committee wishes to participate in before year end. The 2021 financial report has been fully submitted and approved. The committee is not eligible for any new funding as there are sufficient funds in the committee bank account. The committee is now considered in good standing.
    • Discuss Suggestions for committee activities up to year end and submit an expense request to Marianne. Solicit group for ideas and cost.
    • Charmaine – There is an indigenous exhibition at Edmonton Ikea, put on for free, at IKEA in Edmonton. The exhibition is created by local Cree Artist Lance Cardinal. His exhibition is about Indigenous medicines, picking protocols, photos of various medicines, and descriptions of how they work medicinally. This activity would not cost anything and permission by lance Cardinal to take photographs and to post them as “This is a sharing, knowledge, family, language, and tradition exhibition. Many thanks to Lance.
    • Charmaine – Suggestion of raising funds for a residential school charity. Possibly a bake sale with a raffle – Carm/Oneil has set aside 2 orange every child matters T-shirts which the committee could put into a basket raffle with other items. –Carm will work with Devina and Carol to put together a Reconciliation/Orange Shirt day quiz and raffle for orange shirts for every completed entry. Charmaine will be away on component Human rights Union work.
    • Charmaine – PSAC Thirsty for Justice initiative activity: Grassy Narrows Ontario has been under a water boil advisory for decades. This is unacceptable. Demand that Grassy narrows and more than 100 first nation communities get access to safe water. Group discussion that everyone in the group sign the PSAC petition urging the Canadian Government to rectify the water boil advisory by making the water safe.
    • Charmaine – Remembrance Day Wreath Laying. This year, the Edmonton Area Council has purchased a wreath and the chairs of Edmonton PSAC Women’s Committee (Kim Cardinal, chair), Edmonton PSAC Area Council (Darlene Lewis, Chair) and Edmonton PSAC Human Rights (Charmaine Nelson, chair) will present the wreath at the Edmonton Kingsway Legion.
  6. Introduction of PSAC Prairies Region Representatives:
    • Kathy Ajram, PSAC Prairies Representative for Racially Visible Members
    • Timothy Hubick, PSAC Prairies Rep for Members with Disabilities
    • Steve Sukhbir – PSAC Prairies Rep for pride Members.

      Each introduced themselves and spoke about their portfolio.
  7. Steve brought forth a resolution to vote on amongst those in attendance.
    • Whereas: Equity seeking groups represent a significant and growing portion of PSAC membership
    • Whereas: Regional Racialized Conferences, Regional Women’s Conferences are already included in the PSAC Constitution
    • Be It Resolved That: PSAC allocate the necessary resources and funds to organize separate conferences for members with Disabilities, Indigenous Members, and LGBTQ2s+ Members.

      Vote taken among those in attendance. Unanimous approval. Resolution passed.
  8. October is ADHD awareness month and Disability Employment Awareness Month
    Among many other commemorative days of recognition. There has been some interest expressed to Charmaine about learning more about neurodiversity. Would those in attendance and our members be interested in learning more about neurodiversity?

    Jessica stated that she knows quite a about autism. She stated that she could contact Autism Edmonton about doing a talk for our committee about various neuro-diverse conditions. The group expressed much interest and Jessica will call Autism Edmonton and get more information. Planning can start for this event, at our next meeting.
  9. Round Table:
    Carol – nothing more to add
    Devina – Nothing more to add
    Kathy – Thank you for suggesting an event to learn about neuro-diversity!
    Tim – The Equity reps will be in Ottawa in November. He will share information upon his return. Everyone who so wishes, should fill out the PSAC self-identification form.
    Madeline – Include me! Human Rights is my passion! I’m very keen to learn about neuro-diversity.
    Steve – Thank you for considering and voting on the resolution this evening. I look forward to representing in Ottawa in November.
    Kim – Include me! We want more people like Jessica attending HR meetings and contribute great ideas such as the neuro-diversity training.
    Man Van Lee – I have come to the PSAC HR Committee meeting to try and get some assistance with a racial discrimination problem i have been dealing with for several years in my workplace. Charmaine advised she will speak to him separately to see what can be done to assist him in his endeavor. Charmaine stated she cannot interject into an ongoing process but could help with a human rights complaint and Man stated he is already pursuing it . Man Van calls upon us to challenge discrimination in the workplace and to lobby against systemic corruption within the hiring policies.
    Charmaine – I am so pleased with today’s turnout! I am neuro-divergent, myself, and enjoy learning about it as much as i can. I look forward to working with everyone going forward!
  10. Adjournment: 8:05PM