Edmonton Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (February 15, 2021)

The Human Rights Committee discuss issues and plan events relating to PSAC’s Indigenous, Persons With Disabilities, LGBTQ2+ and Racially Visible caucus members. Check out these minutes for current actions and events!

Edmonton Human Rights Committee Meeting

17 FEB 2021 @1745

In attendance:

  • STEVE SUKHBIR            CHAIR (Local 30905)
  • ADDIE GREER               TREASURER (Local 30025)
  • MILDRED NCUBE         CO CHAIR (Local 30851)
  • DENISE GUGEL             UHEW (Local 30016)
  • YUN GHIMN                 SSO (Local excused)
  • MARIAM SAKKA           SSO (Local 30070)
  • CAROL MORRISON      CEIU (Local 30851)
  • CHARMAINE NELSON  CEIU (Local 30851)
  • KIM CARDINAL             USJE (Local 30168)
  • EMILY ARCHER              UTE (Local 30168)
  • DRAGANA RISTIVOJEVIC Secretary (Absent)
  • CARM CHAN                    PSAC REP


Guests: (Via Telecon)


1. Call to Order

  • The Meeting was called to order at 1755 VIA SKYPE by the Chair Steve Sukhbir

2. Approval of the Agenda: Agenda was unanimously agreed to by all present

3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda

  • The last minutes dated 02DEC,2020 to be approved with date correction
  • Moved by: Addie Greer
  • 2nd by: Mildred Ncube

4. Reports:

  • Financial reports to stand as presented as per bank statement due to Covid.
  • Last statement received was 30SEPT2020
  • BALANCE: 2178.26

5. Previous business:

  • Addie Greer reports that the human rights poster is complete, and we are awaiting the string for purchase. We will also need to get postage and the envelopes from the RO to send out to the respective locals.

6. New business:

  • Elections of Executive for 2021
  • CHAIR: Steve Sukhbir (Acclaimed)
    • Nominated:   Carol
    • 2nd by:   Kim
    • Mildred Ncube declined nomination by Charmaine, 2nd by Carol
    • Charmaine Nelson declined nomination by Carol, 2nd by Mildred    
  • CO CHAIR: Mildred Ncube (Acclaimed)
    • Nominated:   Charmaine
    • 2nd by:  Carol
  • SECRETARY: Denise Gugel (Acclaimed)
    • Nominated:   Kim
    • 2nd by:   Charmaine
    • Kim declined nomination by Charmaine, 2nd by Carol
    • Addie declined nomination by Mildred, 2nd by Steve
    • Emily declined nomination by Steve, 2nd by Mildred
  • TREASURER: Charmaine Nelson (Acclaimed)
    • Nominated:   Carol
    • 2nd by:  Steve
    • Addie Greer declined nomination by Steve, 2nd by Kim

7: Actions:

  • Prepare for end of year reports

8: Round Robin:

  • Mariam is leaving the committee as she has changed provinces and we wish her the best.

9: Next meeting date, time and location:

  • The next meeting – tbd
  • A planning meeting will be held to submit final reporting.

10: Agenda for next meeting:

11: OTHER:

  • Signing Authority:
    1. We request and authorize the bank to remove the current names, whom held signing authority in 2020. They are as follows: Steve Sukhbir (Chair), Mildred Ncube (Vice Chair) and Addie Greer (Treasurer).
    2. We request and authorize the bank to add the following names whom have been elected and approved by this committee to hold signing authority. The newly executive for 2021 are as follows: Steve Sukhbir (Chair), Mildred Ncube (Vice Chair), Charmaine Nelson (Treasurer).

12: Adjournment:

  • The meeting was adjourned at 1845