Edmonton Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (February 28, 2019)

The Human Rights Committee discuss issues and plan events relating to PSAC’s Indigenous, Persons With Disabilities, LGBTQ2+ and Racially Visible caucus members. Check out these minutes for current actions and events!




FEBRUARY 28, 2019


In Attendance:

Mavis Callihoo – Chair                                   

Denise Gugel -Vice Chair

Mildred Ncube – Treasurer

Dragana Ristivojevich – Secretary

Carm Chan – PSAC Representative


1.Call to Order:

Mavis called the 2019 Budget Meeting to order at 6:30 pm. 

2. Approval of Agenda:

The agenda for tonight’s meeting was to finalize the budget and audit the Edmonton Regional Women’s committee 2018 books. 

3. Review and Approval of the Previous Meeting’s Minutes.

Previous minutes, with revisions were distributed, reviewed and accepted.

4.Previous Business:

On behalf of the HR Committee, Mavis wrote of the importance of recognizing and celebrating Black History month and this was posted in the HR Facebook and distributed to Union Locals.  She has been posting documents about Black History month and other items of Union and Human Rights interest throughout the year.  Mildred also participated in this task.

For more information regarding black history month please refer to the below websites.


L’article suivant vient d’être affiché sur le site web plus tôt aujourd’hui:


and to the PSAC Edmonton Human Rights Committee Facebook page:


5. New Business: Dates TBA

5.1     March, 2019 – Informal Get Together

Inviting all members for an informal get together.

5.2     April, 2019 – Movie Night with a Human Rights Theme.

Denise will investigate whether to rent a movie and have the event at the Edmonton PSAC office or to have it at a movie theatre.  The movie should be family oriented and be educational with a Human Rights theme.  Popcorn and drinks will need to be considered.  Denise will contact the National Film Board at Canada Place as well as a local theatre to inquire about the price of rental.

5.3        May, 2019 – Asian Heritage Month.

Paint night with the theme honouring Asian Heritage Month.  Possible theme of “Cherry Blossoms”.  The cost would be $30 per member.  The cost would be partially subsidized by the HR committee.  Mavis has made contact with a local painter that supplies the training and all materials. 

5.4        June, 2019 – Dreamcatcher Event.

Mavis has contacted Heather Poitras who will facilitate another Dreamcatcher event.  The cost would be $20. 00 per member.  More discussions will occur on whether the HR Committee could partially subsidize this event. 

5.5        June, 2019 – LGBTQS2 Pride Parade.

A possible donation to the Trans Safe House.

Members are encouraged to participate in the Pride parade and related events.  Candy bags or multi-colored suckers to be handed out.  Last year approximately 90 candy bags were handed out.  Dragana will look at the cost of the candy.

5.6     July and August, 2019.  No events will be scheduled for these two months, however there may be informal gatherings initiated.

5.7     September, 2019 – Labor Day Barbeque.

To assist in serving food to the community.  Possibility of handing out PSAC Frisbees to BBQ attendees.

5.8     October, 2019 – Volunteering.

                Help to serve meals with a local charity.  Will be discussed later.

5.9   October, 2019 – Kairo Blanket, Bannock and Tea Event

This is a ½ day event.  Kairo blanket exercise and Bannock and tea to be served after.  Mavis will ask Ginger’s bannock house to cater the event.  Carm will check on facilitator availability.

5.10   October, 2019 – Potluck or an informal Get Together.

Event to be held on a Saturday at the Edmonton PSAC office. Members invited to participate in a potluck and/or informal get together.  Prizes will be given.

5.11   October, 2019 – Informal Night Out.

                Executive members to have an informal get together. 

5.12   November 11, 2019 – Remembrance Day.

Laying of the Wreath at the Butter dome.  Mavis laid the wreath in 2018.  More discussions to follow on who would like to participate in laying the wreath in 2019.

5.13   December 03, 2019 – International Day of Disability.

                A poster will be posted on our Facebook page and sent to the membership.

5.14 December 10, 2019 – Human Rights Day

Forty bookmarks with the Charter of Freedom and Rights will be downloaded from the Human Rights Museum.  Bookmarks will need to be laminated. 

A total of 75 certificate-sized posters 28 cm x 34 cm will be ordered from the Government of Canada. Each of these certificates will be individually framed along with our sticker promoting the Edmonton Human Rights Committee.  There is a total of 46 locals.  The framed posters will be hand delivered to the Locals that are located within the City.  Out-of-town locals will be mailed out. 

The cost of laminating, the purchase of the certificate-sized frames and loss of salary will be discussed at our next Budget meeting.

5.15   Executive Get Together – December, 2019.

The Executive will be scheduling a get together.  Gift certificates for Executive members.  Date unknown at this time.


6. Actions:

Mavis Black History Month write up to be posted on HR facebook. Done
Denise Movie Night – Held at PSAC office or at a Movie Theatre  
Mavis Asian Heritage Month – Contact painter to inquire about availability and cost  


Mavis Dream Catcher Event – Will contact Heather Poitras. Done
Dragana LGBTQ2S Pride Parade – Look at the cost of candy  
Mavis and Carm Kairo Blanket, Bannock & Tea Event – Mavis to engage Gingers bannock house for the event.  Carm will contact the Kairos blanket facilitator to see what their availability is for October 19th.  This will be a Saturday afternoon event.  
Undecided Remembrance Day – Laying of the Wreath  
Mavis and TBA. International Day of Disability – Include a poster in the EH facebook.  
Carm Human Rights Day -Order Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedom Poster & Certificates Done

7. Next Meetings: Other dates TBA

  • April or May TBA
  • June 06, 2019 – Preplanning at 6:00 pm at the Edmonton PSAC office.
  • August 08, 2019 – Executive Meeting at 6:00 pm at the Edmonton PSAC office.
  • October 05, 2019 – Tentative Date.  Frames and lunch at 10:00 am at the Edmonton PSAC office
  • October 19, 2019 – Kairos, Bannock and Tea.  1:00 pm at the Edmonton PSAC office.

8. 2019 Reporting

Completed and Submitted, awaiting budget approvals. All paperwork to be received by March 14, 2019.Thanked the committee for their organization and planning.If we require anything, please let her know.


Meeting Adjourned – 8:30 pm.