Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Sep 3 2015

In attendance: Murray Pruden via teleconference; James Somers; Dragana Ristivojevic; Louise Mardell; Carm Chan; Genevieve Babineau; Dave Burchell; Kim Hynes

Edmonton Human Rights Committee Minutes

3 September 2015


In attendance:         Murray Pruden via teleconference           James Somers         

                        Dragana Ristivojevic           Louise Mardell          Carm Chan

                                    Genevieve Babineau          Dave Burchell          Kim Hynes


1.Call to Order

2.Approval of the Agenda:



-debrief for NAD & Pride

3.Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda   

-The last minutes dated were adopted

4.Reports: None

5.Previous business:

Edmonton GLBT Pride Parade was successful. The paper flappers/noisemakers were a bit challenging but well received. It would be nice to have more things to be able to hand out next year such as whistles, fans, beads, dog tags, etc. WE will be exploring the possibility of having a PSAC float this year rather than joining AFL’s float.

National Aboriginal Day was successful as well. The t-shirts sold out quickly. They were eye-catching, unique, told a story, simple design/not too busy and of good quality. The shop that printed them is unionized and was proud to support this event. The next time we sell shirts we should have better signage and have the sales table closer. With a bigger shirt supply, we could have sold more. The ETS shuttle for people with mobility issues should have been advertised better as there were still lots of seats on board for both rides. Having the farmers market on the next block really added to our visibility.

We had people from many different backgrounds and cultures attend. The advertising was successful and we were featured on several websites, newspapers and television segments. The City of Edmonton was supportive of this event and at one point we had 6 people working with us to make this happen. It will be important to book the Legislature grounds many months ahead if this event takes place again next year. A volunteer debrief BBQ is planned for September to gather feedback.

-December 3 or 10 – Calendar ideas to be materialized and presented for feedback. We need to get estimates on printing cost and turnaround time. What kind of photos do we want on it? It should have a Human Rights Theme. We brainstormed ideas on which charities we would support with the sales. James will be looking at having a table at Canada Place for sales. Calendar should be ready for distribution by January 1.

-Financials: The final numbers for NAD were presented.

6.New business:

– Remembrance Day wreath. Dave will be laying down the wreath at the ceremony. We need to get information on where to purchase Remembrance Day wreath and pricing and it needs to be ordered ASAP.              


Genevieve to get pricing and turnaround time for calendar and ask if we can take pictures of the Remembrance Day Ceremony for the calendar.

Genevieve to get information on where to purchase Remembrance Day wreath and pricing.

-Dave to provide a sample calendar by next meeting

-James to get info on Canada Place booth

8.Round Robin:

-October 4 is the 10 year anniversary of the candlelight vigil for missing and murdered aboriginal women. Are there groups having events that we can support or join?

9.Next meeting date, time and location:

  • The next meetings was set for October 6 2015 @1730 @ PSAC Regional Office

10.Agenda for next meeting – TBA


  • The meeting was adjourned at 1926