Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Oct 11 2016

In Attendance: James Somers; Keegan Gibson; Cathy McLellan; Dave Burchell; Mildred Ncube; Kim Haynes

Meeting called to order 17:40

In Attendance:
James Somers
Keegan Gibson
Cathy McLellan
Dave Burchell
Mildred Ncube
Kim Haynes

Regrets: Karoline Klug and Nina Babcook

Approval of Agenda

Everyone Deserves to Eat Breakfast

Discussed how the GWCC breakfast went and Ray stated they only raised 400,00 and had about 600 in attendance. Keegan spoke with Wes and he said it would be impossible to serve up to 1000 people from the facility we have, He suggested having French toast instead and we would need at least 10 griddles. Not sure if room 120 can handle that many. It was decided that we would table this and try and do it in the spring and move it to Rice Howard and move on without Maple leaf management approval. That way we do not need to have any local backing us up.


Dave showed us his prototype and is going to contact Maryanne to see if we can use the PSAC logos along with EHRC on the calendar. He will contact her himself on October 12th. Quotes on calendar price is 500 @ 1,55 each. The more we order the less the cost. Dave will have the mock up ready to before he leaves and will give it to James. If approved James will take it to Peter at (Please fill in the name of the company I never got it). Once the printer has the go ahead and the money it is a 2 week delivery time. Kim motioned that we not spend more that 1.30 per calendar. Cost allotted was 2600.00 to be upped by James if necessary. Keegan seconded the motion. Idea was brought up to give as Christmas gifts in the locals along with what ever the local gives and see if they will buy some of the calendars to help cover costs.

November 11th wreath laying

EHRC lays a wreath at the Butter dome every year this year Mildred and Keegan will represent EHRC.

Mildred and Sadiq will bring in reports from Prairie PSAC conference next meeting.

It was suggested that we hold a joint AGM on December 1st or 8th and present 2 short films on Duty to accommodate and order on food. James will get Genevieve to send an email to the chairs of each committee to find out which of the 2 days works best
Kim will put out a letter to James for duty to accommodate.

19:10 meeting adjourned