Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Mar 11 2015

In attendance: Murray Pruden; James Somers; Ruy Romano; Carisa David; Dragana Ristivojevic; Genevieve Babineau; Dave Burchell; Kim Haynes; Marija Babic; Oneil Carlier

Edmonton Human Rights Committee Agenda  
11 March 2015

In attendance:     
Murray Pruden    
James Somers    
Ruy Romano        
Carisa David        
Dragana Ristivojevic    
Genevieve Babineau    
Dave Burchell    
Kim Haynes
Marija Babic
Oneil Carlier

 1. Call to Order 

  • The Meeting called to order at 1733

2. Approval of the Agenda:

  • Finalize budgets for each event and combine into complete EHRC budget 
  • Discuss and plan for March 19 rally at Canada Place/various locations

3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda:   

  • The last minutes dated 11 February 2015 were adopted 

4. Reports: None

5.    Previous business: 

  • June 5: Edmonton GLBT Pride Parade. Everything already in place for this event except for a few minor details. 
  • June 20: Aboriginal Day. Genevieve and Murray have come up with the idea of a walk from Edmonton to Elk Island while carrying lights/lanterns to light the way. Murray saw a report about the Safety of Aboriginal Women in Canada and the “Highway of Tears” that inspired the idea. Together, the idea was expanded into a walk at night that would light the way and reclaim the highway as “The Highway of Light”. It is the goal to join forces with other organizations and the community to facilitate this event. More details to come.
  • No events planned yet for December 3 or 10. These days are to be put on hold until our budget is revealed and after we have been able to finish planning the two large events in June. Keep note of inquiries regarding these days as we can use that to get a sense of the direction that people want and thus increase participation. The idea of a calendar that is Human Rights and/or People with Disabilities orientated was suggested as an engaging way to raise funds for these events as well as increase participation by having a contest for the pictures used for the project. Winners would be announced December 3 and the event would lead us into 2016. 

6. New business:

  •  March 19 campaign: PSAC leading this one with a focus on healthy workplaces. Speakers to include Dave Burchell (UNE Regional Vice-President, AB/NWT/Nunavut) and Sharon Lonsinski (PIPSC Branch President, Edmonton). Rally goers will march around Canada Place holding bargaining signs and union flags. Fortune cookies are still available from PSAC.
  • Introductions of Carisa and Dragana from the Women’s Committee. Dave and Genevieve audited their financials for the year. Both committees had a discussion on the Social Justice Fund and how it is used, how to incorporate the Women’s Committee into the Human Rights events that are already in the planning stages and the possibility of petitions for the search of missing women. There was also a request for signatures for a petition regarding a worker injured by a bus at risk of deportation. The Committee agreed that more information was needed in order to make a decision.     

7. Actions:

  • Murray and Genevieve to continue planning the June 20 event.  
  • Recruit more members
  • Complete and submit financial report for the year (Forms can be found at http://prairies.psac.com/resources/committee-funding-reporting-procedures) 

8. Round Robin:

  • Everyone is excited for the upcoming events

9. Next meeting date, time and location: 

  • The next meetings were set for 8 April 2015 @1730 @ PSAC Regional Office
  • The next Edmonton Area Council meeting is 15 April 2015 @1730 @ PSAC Regional Office

10.  Agenda for next meeting: 

  • Solidify plans for focal days events/updates
  • Election for Vice-Chair – The call out may help increase participation
  • Update on Financials

11. OTHER: None

12. Adjournment

  • The meeting was adjourned at 1900