Edmonton HRC Mtg Minutes – Jun 2 2016 – Draft

In attendance: James Somers; Cathy McLellan; Dave Burchell; Keegan Gibson; Mildred Ncube; Paul Daigneault (NAPC); Peter Kugba-Nyande (UNE local 30194)

In attendance:
James Somers
Cathy McLellan
Dave Burchell
Keegan Gibson
Mildred Ncube
Paul Daigneault (NAPC)
Peter Kugba-Nyande (UNE local 30194).
Regrets: Sadiq Huda. Genevieve Babineau

Meeting called to order 17:36

Approval of Agenda
Review and approval of the previous meeting minutes.
Amend one word in the last minutes

Parade on Saturday participation should be down by about 40% because of Corporate challenge, James explained to Paul and Peter about partnering with AFL.
Next year it looks likes PRC will grant funds for our own float. To be talked about with them a later date. Genevieve got our Swag to hand out at the parade. Next year switch swag to easier stuff to give away.
Details on where to meet for the parade are: Meeting time 10:00 am and we are position 48. 109 st and 80 Ave

Murray was lead and we have not heard from him. Since it is so close we are officially now supporting NAD for INAC.
(Sub-committee not supported. Paul can speak to Murray about sub-committee of NAPC. Will have to bring resolutions to conventions to have this approved.)

Theme : Albertans Helping Albertans.
Keegan is OK to move the event to October because of the focus on the fort McMurray fires. Cathy will talk to Heather Poitras about using room 120 (Four Places Where People Meet) to prepare the food as it has a kitchen.
Keegan will talk to Maple Leaf Management to see if we can set up tables in the Atrium for people to sit at and eat.
It was decided that it would be $5.00 a plate and the proceeds would go to the Food Bank.
Come up with proposals to help us get corporate donations. We need to check with Maryanne to see if we can solicit donations first though.

Transfer the funding from NAD to Albertans Helping Albertans.
Come up with budget for 400 people
Talk to Maple Leaf Management
Check with Heather about food licensing

2. Resolutions course is on May 28th for Health and Safety not done as of yet.

3. Regional Human Rights Committee, Racial Visibility conference September 9th to 11th in Winnipeg – 40 members for all of region are fully paid for.

4. National Equity is in Ottawa in October.

5. Round Table

Nina – first Meeting tonight. she is here as staff for PSAC and to advise and assist whenever she can although she can’t weigh in on details.

Side Bar: National Alliance People Circle
Paul created Round Circle for Northern Sask. which is guided by the elders. Not a real EE committee but 14 people sit on the NAPC both male and female. Aboriginal thinking of moving into PSAC circle because they re being forced out of Alliance Exec Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm